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Wrapping Paper Bow

I found this super cute wrapping paper bow tutorial on Pinterest! If any of you read my Pinning it on Pinterest last Friday, this was one of my loves for the week. You can read about that HERE
Here is the tutorial from Pinterest for making it...
Isn't it so fun?!? I might be totally out  of the loop here, but I had no idea that you could curl wrapping paper! So I just had to try making this myself for some presents!!

My little Kaitlyn had a birthday party for her friend last week so my first attempt was for her present...

I love it! It really was so easy to make. One thing I found was that you have to hold each strip at the bottom really good or it will rip off as you are curling it. I might or might not have done that a couple of times:) Also the harder you hold the scissors the tighter the curl is. Just like when curling ribbon! I didn't like mine too tight so I held it lighter. 

A side note: When  we walked into her friends house, the first comment was about the bow from her Mom and her Aunts!! They asked me how I made it. They wondered if I had done something special to the paper to make it curl. I just said just curl it like ribbon!! They totally loved it!

My second attempt was for a present for our family that is going under the Christmas Tree.

It seriously adds a touch of cuteness to any gift!! I am so happy I found this tutorial! I am sure I will be making this many times through the years. 

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  1. So cute! I could def use something to spice up my wrapping!

  2. This is so cute. I am out of the loop too I guess because I didn't know you could curl wrapping paper!

  3. My sister and I have been curling wrapping paper since we were little! I thought everyone did that :) Although I like the way you made it one piece and strips from that to curl...we just cut a bunch of long strips and curled each one,then taped them onto the presents. Your way seems much easier! They definitely add flair to the gift!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, and commenting on the tree! I hope you make one, they really are fun, easy and instantly gratifying! I'm going to follow you, too! I can't wait to get new inspiration!

  4. Jill, that's adorable!! I had no idea that wrapping paper curled either! I'm going to have to try that...maybe I can use some of the wrapping paper we had left over to practice! Thanks so much for sharing this great idea at Shine on Fridays!

  5. Not only cute, but so practical for when you don't have ribbon & the endless kids parties lol

  6. Jill, this is so clever! I'm definitely going to be trying this the next time I'm wrapping presents!

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