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Easy Painted Vases

As you know, recently my hubby and I made a new bed frame for us. 
You can see that HERE if you missed it. 

Now that we have a fun new bed, I wanted to make some
 new bedroom decor just to freshen things up a bit!

I have seen in so many bedroom makeovers that have vases that are on shelves with nothing in them, just the vase. I have always thought this looked so cute and wanted to make some for the room. 

I had 3 glass vases in my craft room wanting to be used. They were the perfect hight together in the group so I knew I wanted to use all 3. I got 2 of them at the dollar store awhile back and 1 of them my sister was going to give to a local thrift store when she was moving so of course I grabbed it to do something with! {Its the tallest one of the bunch and my favorite of the 3!!}

I didn't really want to leave them plain glass.
I wanted to paint them to brighten things up a bit.
I thought about spray painting them, but didn't have the colors I was looking for so I looked in my craft paint stash and had the perfect color combo to paint them with.  

Since we are freshening things up in our room, I wanted to change the accent colors I am using. 
Now, we are going to use a soft blue, yellow and cream. 
{I actually ended up using a different yellow paint then pictured. It was the Buttercream Yellow by craft smart. I forgot to take a picture of the new color. Sorry!}

I knew I could paint the outsides of them with the craft paint, but it would take a lot of coats to get them covered and it would be messy. 

 So I came up with another idea instead:

This seriously was the most easy and quick thing I have ever done
 and they turned out so cute!!

Here is what I did:

Step 1:
Get Vases, Paint, and a piece of cardboard or something you know you are ok throwing away.

Step 2:
Squeeze a bunch of paint inside the vase and start turning it around upside down so the paint starts covering all the vase. You can add more paint if needed. You don't want to add too much because you don't want to end up wasting a lot of your paint so I did a bunch at first and then added more as it got closer to the top and I could tell the paint wasn't moving anymore.

Step 3:
When they are fully covered, let them stand upside down so all the paint can drip off onto the cardboard piece. It will take a little while for it to all drip down. After awhile I would move it to a dry spot so I could really monitor when it was done dripping down.

Step 4:
When you feel they are done dripping down, stand them upright to let them finish drying. This was was longest part of the whole thing. I had 2 vases that had skinny necks on them so the air couldn't get down to them very well. Those 2 took a couple of days to dry. The one with the bigger neck was done over night.

Step 5:
This last step is optional!
The top lips of the vases were not very pretty from all the paint dripping down. So I took sand paper and gently rubbed over the paint to clean it up a little bit. I had to do this very carefully so I didn't scratch the glass.

The biggest thing I loved about doing it this way, is the glass makes it look really glossy and its just a hint of color to the vases!!

I put them on our dresser and they look so cute!! 
Now to make some more decor for our room!!

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  1. These are so fun and colorful! I really like the colors that you chose. :) They will make any house a happier house! I would love for you to stop by and link this post up with our new link party, Much Ado About Monday, if you get a chance.


  2. I was planning on making a green colored vase for my St. Patrick's day mantel but never got around to it. After seeing your pretty colors I am going to find some pretty pastels and make a few for my spring mantel! Thanks for sharing.

  3. so pretty Jill :) i love the colors you used!

  4. They look super cute- such fun fresh colours! Can't wait to see what else you are making:) thanks for sharing!
    Krista @thehappyhousie

  5. I need to do this. I have the paint and the vases. Great idea.

    We're having a party at Tumbleweed Contessa and this idea would be perfect for a new craft idea.

    Have a creative week,

  6. What a great idea. They look fantastic yet they are so simple! Cant wait to try this.

  7. It's so cute and fun how taking just regular uninteresting vases and using paint (I love the colors you used) can turn them into completely chic ones. I've seen these and have wanted to make some but never have ~ but you've reminded me of how cute they are so I'm going to. They would look really cute on my mantle. Thanks for sharing what you created.

    Lori @ A Bright and Beautiful Life

  8. These are so cute! Thanks for the tips.
    I'm visiting you today from Someday Crafts. I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog and leave a comment and Link Up, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206
    Medicine Cabinet Makeover

  9. Love these colors...I haven't tried painting the inside of vases..going to give it a try... thanks for sharing at One More Time...

  10. omg. LOVE LOVE LOVE! must make right away for myself!

    trish @ tales from ...

  11. Hi Jill! Thank you so much for linking up with Much Ado About Monday last week! I love these vases and the colors you chose. I have a ton of vases, so I'm pinning to do this project!
    We hope you come back next week and party some more, we can't wait to see you do next :))


  12. I love these. I'm getting together a bunch of diy ideas so I can do a VASE program for my garden club next spring. I will definitely show them this one. Thanks. -- Sherry aka

    1. How fun!! I am glad you like these and hope they help your program!

  13. I love these. I'm getting together a bunch of diy ideas so I can do a VASE program for my garden club next spring. I will definitely show them this one. Thanks. -- Sherry aka


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