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The Last Blog Post

My heart is breaking as I write this post today. 

Over the last 2 1/2 years I have enjoyed my spare time blogging and 
sharing my love of crafting and recipes with all of you. It was the highlight 
of my weekend nights when my hubby was working graveyards 
and the kiddos where in bed asleep.

I have met so many amazing bloggy friends. It has been so fun to get 
to know others in different states and come together to host different things. 

Over the last few weeks my heart has been torn. Life is getting
 so busy because my hubby and I decided to open our own business. 
Yes, CRAZY I know!!
It has been going so well and is keeping my hubby really busy. 
The bad part is we haven't been able to hire employees yet 
so I have been helping him out a lot. 

I am losing my time that I can spend working on my 
own blog stuff and crafting. 

So sadly today I am 
no longer going to be writing new posts for my blog 
Two Yellow Birds Decor.

I will be keeping it up for now so my stuff that is out there 
will still have tutorials and recipes. 

Right now I have to take a moment to say.....

You have all been so amazingly supportive over the last 2 1/2 years. 
I appreciate all of the sweet comments and comments of encouragement. 
They have all meant so much to me.

I would still love to 
with all you amazing bloggy friends 
so please feel free to:

-Come be my Friend on my Personal Facebook Page HERE


-Find me on Instagram HERE

Thank you for your understanding!

Pinterest Picks #53 {Crafty/DIY Projects}


So happy to have you stop by for this weeks Pinterest Picks!

I don't know what it is about Fall, but it just really gets me in the mood to do some crafting. Anyone else have that?!

I am definitely grateful for Pinterest to browse and get some fun ideas!

Here are this weeks Pinterest Picks
brought to you from my
Craft Board:


These pumpkins are so fun! What a great idea to spray paint them to give them a different look for fall!
Source: LiveLoveDIY
Pinned HERE

I love how simple these fall candles are, but look amazing! How fun to fill with fall colored beans. So easy too!
{Couldn't find original post}
Pinned HERE

I have to have this rosette pillow {or 2} in my house when we move! I absolutely love everything about it. The color of course...I am a LOVER of Yellow....and the fun rosette pattern. She had a tutorial on the blog to make it and it looks so easy! So cute!
Pinned HERE

How cute are these picture frames?! What a super cute and fun idea. I love how easily you can change the picture up! Love!
Pinned HERE

My little miss needs new hair bows and flowers. I know I could make them much cheaper then buying them. This is a great site with many different flowers and tutorials for them!
Pinned HERE

I am in love with this idea for frames. What a super cute way to get them up higher on a table so they don't get lost! Love!
Source: iVillage
Pinned HERE

This is an awesome idea! What a cheap way to add a statement piece to your home!
I love the new mirror!
Source: Hometalk
Pinned HERE

I totally want this in my hubby and I's bedroom! So good!
Source: My Pink Life
Pinned HERE

I am crushing on this lamp! What a cute way to spruce up a plane shade. I love the rhinestones in the middle of the flowers too. 
Source: Pretty Petals
Pinned HERE

These Poppy's are made out of paper! I couldn't believe it! What a super darling way to add a fun touch to a gift or a jar on the table!
Source: The Elli Blog
Pinned HERE

That's it for this weeks Pinterest Picks!

Hope you have an Awesome Weekend!

Thursday's Temptation's Fabulous Features

Hello Friends!

I am sad to announce tonight that there will 
at Two Yellow Birds Decor. 

I appreciate you all for linking up each week that I have had this going.
Your support has been amazing!
I seriously can't Thank You Enough!

These will be our very last 

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Two Yellow Birds Decor

Chocolate Turtle Cake

I first made this cake about a year ago for my Dad's Birthday. 
I remember it being so delicious and everyone that had it LOVED it. 

I haven't forgotten about this amazing cake, but haven't made it since then. A couple of weekends ago I got together with my sisters and mom for a night together. I wanted to make this chocolate cake because we are all girls and what girl doesn't love a little chocolate!

I had to share this recipe with you all today because
I know you will want to make it soon. 

This Chocolate Turtle Cake is absolutely moist and amazingly scrumptious!!

Now that I have tempted you a little,
here is what this amazing cake looks like:

Mmmm! Delicious!

This is a Betty Crocker Recipe that I found online
 so I am going to send you HERE for the recipe and to print it. 

I promise you will love this recipe if you are a lover of Chocolate!

Make sure to go HERE to Betty Crocker for the recipe!

{This is NOT a sponsored post. Everything here is my own personal views and opinions!}

Joining the Following Link Parties

Pinterest Picks # 52

Happy Happy Friday!!

I hope you all have had a great week!

I am so excited to show you what I have found this week on
Pinterest. So let's get to it!


I love this daily to do list organization. I am a true lover of lists. I need to print me some of these because I like how it is split up throughout the day!
Pinned HERE

I really like this office organization. What great ways to store everything that can clutter a desk. I am definitely going to be using these ideas when we move into our own place.
Source: Unclutter
Pinned HERE

Now speaking of office...I seriously want these lamps to put in my office or a kids study area! How clever and fun!
Pinned HERE

I am totally crushing on these colors for a baby boy nursery! I would love to do something like this if I have another boy down the road! 
Pinned HERE

Is this not the cutest outfit for fall?! I love the mustard yellow and gray together. I also love the pop of color with the scarf. Love!
Source: Elfsacks
Pinned HERE

I am in love with the color of her hair! Its so pretty! I am in the mood to do something totally different with my hair and just might...might...try something like this. Wonder if my hubby would approve!
Source: Unknown
Pinned HERE

These are S'more Pie Pops...don't they sound amazing?! I know my kids would love them! I bet they are a lot less messy than the real way of having them!
Pinned HERE

This is a Loaded Baked Potato & Chicken Casserole. This sounds so delicious for a fall dinner. Mmm!
Pinned HERE

This is a must make for breakfast soon! Does this not sound Heavenly?! Wow!
Pinned HERE 

Ok...I think I am torturing myself with these food picks! HAHA!! My mouth is watering just looking at this amazing Orange Chicken and Vegetable Stir-Fry, Looks tasty!
Pinned HERE

Hope you enjoyed reading my
 Favorites from Pinterest this week!

Have an Amazing Weekend!

Thursday's Temptation #84 & Fabulous Features

Welcome to this weeks

So happy to have YOU here this week!

Thank you so much to all those who shared their talents at last weeks party!
You inspire me each week!

Here are this weeks

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Guest Blogger {The Spotted Blonde}

I am so excited because today we are having Guest Blogger, 
Lisa, from The Spotted Blonde here with us!!! 

I have known Lisa since Elementary School and she is the sweetest,
most talented and amazing lady!
She recently started a blog that is full of free printables and darling crafts.
Hope you will stop over and check it out!

Bloggy Friends Meet Lisa:


I’m so excited to be guest hosting here at Two Yellow Birds Decor! I’m so grateful to Jill for having me here! I have an awesome inexpensive DIY Halloween countdown I’m excited to show you today, but let me introduce myself first.
My name is Lisa and my blog is The Spotted Blonde. I LOVE making things in Photoshop so I started my blog as a way to share free printables with everyone, but I also post some of my favorite recipes, craft ideas, and I will be starting Fitness Friday where people can check in weekly and post their goals, challenges, successes, associated with becoming/staying healthy and fit on October 4th! Basically my blog is everything that I love and am passionate about and I love to share that with everyone! I hope you stop by and check it out! Now you know a little about me – let’s get right to it!

My son has been talking about Halloween for the past couple weeks now. He is always asking me when it’s going to be Halloween, so I thought what better way to help him understand that he has to wait 31 more days than to make a fun countdown calendar for him to see!  
The items you will need for this project are: Empty Cereal Box - Large! I used the Honey Nut double box from Costco Black Paint (or color of your choice) Paint Brush Numbers – CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE Things to do – CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE Countdown to Halloween Banner – CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE Beads Exacto knife Hot Glue Glue stick or spray glue Ribbon Ruler Pen 1) Paint your cereal box
2) While that is drying, download, print & cut the printables. (IMPORTANT - do NOT cut along the gray dotted line of the activities page - you will be folding along that line.) 3) Space out the numbers on your box, trace them so you have markings.
4) Use the Exacto knife and cut along the SIDES AND TOP of the markings for each number - do NOT cut the bottom. 5) Once all the squares are cut, glue on the numbers with either a glue stick or spray glue.
6) Once that is dried, hot glue the beads on the top of each number so you have something to hold onto to so you can pull it down.
7) Once that is dry, pull each number down and glue the fold of the activities on the inside of the flap. Do this for all the days. You can do them in whatever order you want.
8) Punch two holes in the top and string the ribbon through and tie a bow at the desired height.
9) Glue the Countdown to Halloween Banner at the top.
That’s it! You are done! This project was free for me since I used things I already had on hand and my son is SO excited he gets to start using it today!
If you would like more Halloween or fall printables, CLICK HERE. If you would like another fun fall craft idea CLICK HERE!
I would love to have you over at The Spotted Blonde!

Follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Bloglovin, google+ , or send me an email message.

Isn't that darling?!
Thank you so much Lisa for being here today!
 I love this countdown and love that she has free printable for us! Such a cute idea!
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