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Pinterest Picks #18

Happy Happy Friday!!!

I hope you have had an amazing week. I came down with a cold and my hubby also started school so this week has been DRAGGING for me!! I am so glad its almost the weekend!

Let's get to this weeks Pinterest Picks, shall we?!?


This Fruit salsa looks amazing!!! What a great way to get a healthy treat! The chips are Baked Cinnamon Chips. YUM! I need to try this asap!!
Pinned HERE

Ok, Now this looks so TASTY!!! It is an Oreo Cookie Cupcake! What a fun way to jazz up a plain cupcake! I am sure it will wow the crowd!
Pinned HERE

These just look so refreshing! I want to take a bite out of the screen right now! HAHA! They are called Lemon Blueberry Cheesecake Bits. YUMMY!!! This would be a fun treat if you are throwing a shower for someone. 
Pinned HERE

I am in love with these bow sandals!! It just brings so much personality to a plain flip flop shoe. What a fun way to accessorize!
Source: This is a tumblr picture from Monogrammed Scrubs & Strings of Pearls.
Not sure where to buy them at though. Sorry!
Pinned HERE

I am LOVING this pony tail. I love how the sides are twisted back to the pony tail and then how the hair wraps around the elastic. So pretty!
Source: Elite Daily
Pinned HERE

I am loving everything about this mantel! I love all the stone work and how it goes up to the ceiling. I really love the mantel piece as well. It looks so cool with all the different wood work on it. 
Pinned HERE

I think this is a genius idea!! This way they are a little more organized then all piled in the drawer and they don't take up counter space to be in there own jars. I seriously want this in my future home!
Pinned HERE

I will be doing this subway tile in a bathroom when I build a house! Isn't it so cute?!? It just adds so much character to the room. IN LOVE!!
Pinned HERE

This website has animal letters for the whole alphabet. What a cute idea to help the kiddos out. My daughter would love these...I think I just might have the get the printer ready ;)
Pinned HERE

This is also a great idea for quiet book time. Every kid loves stickers and to be able to learn the letters at the same time is awesome! You can also have them do this under a black light for some different fun! Go check it out on the website!
Pinned HERE

That's all for this weeks Pinterest Picks! Hope you enjoyed reading!
Have a Splendid Weekend!!


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