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Pinterest Picks #30 {Delicious Dinner Ideas}


Hope you have had a fun filled week. Mine has been crazy busy, but good!

I can't believe we are on week 30 of Pinterest Picks! Time is going by way too fast!

Since we are on week 30,
today I am doing a Special Edition of Pinterest Picks. 

Here are some 
for you!

I am a huge fan of Spinach and Artichoke dip so this sounds absolutely tasty!! What a fun sandwich! 
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Sorry I can't get the picture any bigger! These are Philly Cheesesteak Stuff Peppers. My hubby recently got me hooked on philly cheesesteak..I had never had it before. I was totally missing out!! I am going to make these for him sometime soon because I know he would LOVE them! Mmm!
They are so easy to make is the best part!
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This is Crock Pot Chicken Fajitas. Definitely one of those fix it and forget it meals! They sound really good to. I am going to need to try this out soon!
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This is called Two Timin' Pasta! I can't believe how easy this is to make and looks delish! I think my kiddos would love it!
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How about some Teriyaki Chicken and Rice?!?  Sounds so good for those nights you want oriental food! It only takes 20 minutes to make!
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These is called Creamy Garlic Pasta. I am a sucker for anything with garlic. It looks amazing too! 
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I could not believe it, but these are Enchilada Balls! What a fun and different way to have Enchiladas! 
I have to make these asap!
Source: Tidy Mom
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Um, does this not look Amazingly Delicious?!? It is Bacon Wrapped Chicken! Wow! You have to go get this recipe right now. YUM!
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I am so doing this with my family! Have a homemade pizza night, but make it so much easier by using french bread! Genius!! My kiddos would be in heaven being able to make their own pizza!
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Here is another easy crock pot meal. This is Buffalo Chicken Lasagna. Doesn't that sound so delish?!? I have to make this for dinner very soon. My mouth is watering just reading the name of it. Mmm!
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That's it for this weeks Pinterest Picks!
Hope you found something you want to make for dinner!

Have a Spectacular Weekend!

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  1. I love fix it & forget it meals...I'll try the fajitas :)


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