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Guest Blogger {The Spotted Blonde}

I am so excited because today we are having Guest Blogger, 
Lisa, from The Spotted Blonde here with us!!! 

I have known Lisa since Elementary School and she is the sweetest,
most talented and amazing lady!
She recently started a blog that is full of free printables and darling crafts.
Hope you will stop over and check it out!

Bloggy Friends Meet Lisa:


I’m so excited to be guest hosting here at Two Yellow Birds Decor! I’m so grateful to Jill for having me here! I have an awesome inexpensive DIY Halloween countdown I’m excited to show you today, but let me introduce myself first.
My name is Lisa and my blog is The Spotted Blonde. I LOVE making things in Photoshop so I started my blog as a way to share free printables with everyone, but I also post some of my favorite recipes, craft ideas, and I will be starting Fitness Friday where people can check in weekly and post their goals, challenges, successes, associated with becoming/staying healthy and fit on October 4th! Basically my blog is everything that I love and am passionate about and I love to share that with everyone! I hope you stop by and check it out! Now you know a little about me – let’s get right to it!

My son has been talking about Halloween for the past couple weeks now. He is always asking me when it’s going to be Halloween, so I thought what better way to help him understand that he has to wait 31 more days than to make a fun countdown calendar for him to see!  
The items you will need for this project are: Empty Cereal Box - Large! I used the Honey Nut double box from Costco Black Paint (or color of your choice) Paint Brush Numbers – CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE Things to do – CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE Countdown to Halloween Banner – CLICK HERE FOR PRINTABLE Beads Exacto knife Hot Glue Glue stick or spray glue Ribbon Ruler Pen 1) Paint your cereal box
2) While that is drying, download, print & cut the printables. (IMPORTANT - do NOT cut along the gray dotted line of the activities page - you will be folding along that line.) 3) Space out the numbers on your box, trace them so you have markings.
4) Use the Exacto knife and cut along the SIDES AND TOP of the markings for each number - do NOT cut the bottom. 5) Once all the squares are cut, glue on the numbers with either a glue stick or spray glue.
6) Once that is dried, hot glue the beads on the top of each number so you have something to hold onto to so you can pull it down.
7) Once that is dry, pull each number down and glue the fold of the activities on the inside of the flap. Do this for all the days. You can do them in whatever order you want.
8) Punch two holes in the top and string the ribbon through and tie a bow at the desired height.
9) Glue the Countdown to Halloween Banner at the top.
That’s it! You are done! This project was free for me since I used things I already had on hand and my son is SO excited he gets to start using it today!
If you would like more Halloween or fall printables, CLICK HERE. If you would like another fun fall craft idea CLICK HERE!
I would love to have you over at The Spotted Blonde!

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Isn't that darling?!
Thank you so much Lisa for being here today!
 I love this countdown and love that she has free printable for us! Such a cute idea!

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