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Paper Flower Tutorial

Here is how you make a paper flower...

First select the paper you want the flower to be. Then cut it. If you are choosing from paper that is 12" long, the biggest width you can do it 1.5". If you do it any wider (like I have tried to experiment with) it will not work. The paper is not long enough! Most of the time you want the paper 12" long if you are doing smaller then just adjust the width of the paper. The size I chose for this flower is 1.5"x12".

Then you want to fold it accordion style all the way. Fold the creases tightly, this will help a lot when forming the flower!!

Next you will glue the ends together. Let it sit for a minute so it will fully dry. It will look like this

After it dries you will gather the top of the paper together and push it down. If you folded the creases tightly it should go smoothly for you!

Then to finish you need 2 circles. I did mine 1.25". You will hot glue them to the flower on the front and back so the flower will stay in place. This glue holds the best, none of the others held it that I tried.

To top it off...

You can add some leaves and jewels to dress it up!!

Walah!! You now have a Super Cute paper flower!!

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