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I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I sure did. My hubby and I got some Christmas shopping done on Saturday. I still have a lot more to do...but at least I got a good start! I can't believe that Christmas is just 13 days away!! Crazy how it is just creeping up on us! 

Today I have some cute Christmas decor using subway art. If you don't know what subway art is here is an example...
I fell in LOVE with this the minute I saw it!! So super cute! I absolutely love the colors! It can be found HERE. I just had to use it for some Christmas decor. This was one of my 1st weeks Pinterest Loves found HERE. Here is what I did with it. 

I got an 11"x14" wood board and painted it white. I did 2 coats of paint. You probably know my style by now that the painting is not perfect. I love to make it look old fashioned!!

After that dried I sanded down the edges to round them off and cleaned up the paint a little bit. 

Then I stained the whole thing. I used Early American stain. I did some spots heavier on the paint because like I said...I love to make it look old! 
It took about a day and a half for the stain to dry. The weather is getting colder and it affects the drying time. Normally it would be done in a day, but whatever wood this was made out of made it take even longer. After it dried a little bit I brought it inside to finish drying.  

When it got done I nailed in a claw hook in to the back of it so I can hang it up.

Next, I printed the subway art out. I did it in 8"x10" size. If you click on the link above it will take you to where its at. I then got some cute read polka dot paper and some green paper out that matched the subway art. 
 I cut the paper down to the size I wanted them. I wanted it to boarder the subway art paper. 
Then I got the mod podge out and got to work! I mod podged the red paper on, then the green and then the subway art. After that dried a little bit, I put mod podge over the whole thing. 
I let that dry for about a half a day. That way any bubbles that were in it could disappear!! Next, I got some sliver glittery snowflakes to put on the board. I got one big one and 4 little ones.
I hot glued them at the top of it.
Now we are done!! 

Here is what it looks like all done...

I absolutely love how it turned out!! Perfect!

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  1. This came out so cute!! love it Jill!

  2. I featured your subway art from our last Bedazzle Me Monday party!! Feel free to stop by and grab a feature button :)
    Thanks so much for linking. Hope to see you again this week! Happy New Year!!


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