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Braids to Waves

A few years back we had a family party and my nieces came over with their hair all wavy. It was so pretty! They told us that they did it with braids!! I was totally shocked because I had never thought of doing something like this. Ever since then I have been wanting to try it on my little Kaitlyn.

Two weeks ago I gave my kids a bath right before bed one night. I thought this would be the perfect time to try it. After she got out, of course her hair was wet. 

I took many different sections of hair and put them in braids.
I had her sleep with her hair like this. The next morning we took all the braids out and combed it just a LITTLE bit to get it under control and put a head band in. Here is what they look like after they have set:

It is so pretty!! She loved it! 

Here is a tip when doing the braids:
The smaller the section of hair the tighter the curl will be, 
the bigger the section the looser it will be!!

I am actually really sad about this now because we won't be able to do this again for awhile. The same day we took out the braids is the same day I went and got her hair cut. I had the lady chop it off. It is a super cute short a line style now!! I love it. No more long hair for us for awhile!

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  1. I've done this before on my own hair. My hair doesn't hold a curl really at all, but when I do this it does! It's not really the type of curl everyone likes, but it's fun every once in a while.

  2. I accidentally braided my daughter's hair the day before school pictures and the next day she had super frizzy hair for pictures. Your daughters hair looked cute. I am a new Pinterest follower visiting from One Artsy Mama. Vicky from Mess For Less

  3. Very cute! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Friday!!

  4. I do this ot My little girls hair for church. Always so cute!! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing on Blissful & Domestic.

  5. SO sweet!! I can't wait for my little girl to have hair long enough to try this out! :)

    Thank you for linking up last Thursday!!

  6. You can also do this with a flat iron and braids if you don't get it done the night before or your kiddos hate sleeping on braids. I braid my daughter's hair in several small braids like you did and then run the braids through my flat iron several times. Let the braid cool completely before taking out the elastic. You can even use the flat iron to curl the ends of the braid a little while they are still in. I works great and she loves it.


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