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{Lucky Like a Four Leaf Clover} Plaque

One night when I was browsing Pinterest I came across a cool idea using a canvas painting where they added a quote on top of the picture and painted over the whole canvas. It looked really cool and caused me to want to try it out! I had a blank canvas on hand so I had to do some painting of my own to make this work. 

I wanted to make this for St. Patricks Day so I had to come up with a quote for the holiday. I came up with, "I am lucky like a four leaf clover." I had a vision in my mind when getting started and I knew I wanted to put a four leaf clover on it somewhere. I kept this in mind when doing my painting. 

To get started I painted the canvas dark green and did a little light green square where the 4 leaf clover is going to go.
I know it looks super funny and its not perfect...but it will be getting painted over!

Next, I designed my quote and cut it out in vinyl on my cricut. I used the font Wish I Were Taller found HERE.  I then stuck that onto the canvas.

Then I took white spray paint and painted the whole canvas. I did 3 coats on the top. 

When that dried I peeled the vinyl letters off.
Super cute!!! I was done at this point for awhile, but then after looking at it, decided I didn't like the stark white color so I got some stain out and rubbed some on...

I Love, Love the way it looks with the stain! I am glad I decided to add it on!!

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  1. Super cute and I am diggin' the stain!! I love your cute little saying, too :)

  2. The stain really adds dimension to your project...LOVE it!

  3. You are so talented-seriously girl! This turned out awesome! I may have to steal the idea and make one for my house-thanks so much for sharing this at this week's Tutorial Tuesday!

    Newlyweds on a Budget

  4. love it! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing Jill!


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