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{Sponge Ball} Water Fun

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far with their kids!!! 
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Let me give you a little background on our fun activity I am going to show you today. Last summer I was watching a local TV show in Utah called
Studio 5. They had a lady on that was giving many ideas for the kids to cool down during the summer. She talked about these sponge balls. They looked so fun and so easy to make. This has been in the back of my mind since then. My kids were still a little young so I waited until now to do this. 

Here is what they look like:
Don't they look like so much fun?!?

To make these you will need:
-Colorful Sponges {I did the big sponges I got 3 packages, which made 3 balls}
-Hemp, Jute or any kind of String

How to make them:

**I chose to get the bigger sponges. This way the ball would be bigger. I had to do a lot of cutting. If you don't want to cut a lot then I would get the smaller sponges**

First, I cut the wavy part of the sponge off on both sides. Then I cut the sponge the long way into 3 pieces.

Next, I took those 3 pieces and cut them in half. {They were too fat so I turned them on their sides and cut length wise again}

After I got all the pieces cut to size, I lined a color up in a row of 6 pieces. I put 2 more colors on top of that so they were stacked 3 high like this:

When I got those stacked I cut off a piece of hemp and scooted it under all the pieces lining it up in the middle of all of them.

Next, I pulled both ends of the string together and tied a knot-making sure I pulled really tight. Then I double knotted it. It forms this cute little ball all on its own!!!
Lastly, I cut the access string off and fluffed up the ball a little bit!!

Then you are DONE!!! SO SUPER EASY!!!

Next, grab a bucket of water and let the kids have fun!!!!

My kids had such a BLAST cooling down on a hot day. They chased each other with them, they through them at the ground and of course....they got each other wet!!!

We are definitely looking forward to using these throughout the summer!!!

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  1. This looks like so much fun!!!

    I would love for you to link this at my Flaunt It Friday link party. Also, make sure you join my new blog, Blissful Bucket List! :)


  2. My boys would LOVE that! How creative is that. Thanks girl for sharing with us at Toot Your Horn Tuesday :)


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