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Arcade {Video Game} Center

A few months ago my hubby felt inclined to make a game center for all our video games {This way they wouldn't be taking over the regular tv} He really wanted to make this center look like a video arcade machine. He is a super handy man and just came up with this and put it all together himself!! 

We all LOVE how it turned out! 
Everyone that comes to the house has to play on it. Especially since we live with my parents, all my nieces and nephews love to play it!! 

Oh and...YES I was a Super Excited to get the original Nintendo back out!! WAHOO!

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  1. That is fantastic and I am sure your house is THE PLACE for kids and family to get together. I love the look and the storage is great too. Have fun with it!

  2. My kids love flip for this! Your hubby may have a side business on his hands!

  3. That looks awesome! My kids {and husband} would love this idea...especially for our basement!

  4. what a great idea and I love the retro nintendo feel!! well done ;-)

    1. Thank you so much! You are too sweet!
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