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{Iron On Vinyl} Baby Gift

My Cute Brother and Sister in Law are having a baby boy in April. 
They live out of state, but were here for a few weeks in January to visit so 
while they were here, my Mom, Sisters and I decided to throw them a family Baby Shower. 

For the gift we all usually pitch in and get them something bigger they need. Since they live out of state we knew it would be hard for them to transport something big back in their car so we put money on a gift card for them to go get what they needed. We didn't just want to hand them the gift card so I said I would take some onsies and do iron on vinyl with them.

{I need to back track a little bit. My hubby has been cutting out vinyl for a guy that is opening a new snowboard shop in Utah. He has been working with him for awhile now and one time he brought this vinyl to him to see if he could cut his decal with it on our cricut. This particular vinyl is thicker and feels like velvet when you iron it on. My hubby was able to cut it out so we were happy with that. 

We have a bunch of scraps left so last Christmas we got t-shirts and ironed on things for all the members in our family to try it out. It worked out well so this is why I offered to do the onsies. I knew they would turn out super cute!!}

Since my hubby has mastered this type of vinyl out on the cricut,
 he helped me get the onsies done. 

How We Made Them:
I didn't get pictures of each step so I am really sorry! 

1. This vinyl came from a place called Regional Supply in Salt Lake City, Utah. This happens to be the same place we have been getting our vinyl so we were excited that we can pick some up when we need it for other stuff!

2. I got some plain white onsies at Walmart to iron the decals to.

3. We selected the Images we wanted to put on each onsie. 
-An old fashioned plane {My Brother is an Air Traffic Controller and the babys room will be airplanes so we went along with the theme}
-A Cute Tie

4. We cut them out with the cricut and ironed them on with the directions on the vinyl.

They really weren't that hard to make and 
they turned out DARLING!!!

Here is what they look like:

AHH!! Love them!! 
They were a huge hit with everyone at the shower especially my sister in law, the mother to be!!

This is definitely going to be a new thing in our crafting department at home!! 

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  1. These are so cute!! I made some last month for a friend having twins (boy & girl)

    Come check them out!!


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