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{Hop On} Easter Sign & Bowl of Eggs

Today I am going to continue with my Easter Decor!

With all of the "Keep Calm" Signs that are in right now 
I thought it would be fun to add one to my Easter Decor. I came up with 
the saying that says, "Keep Calm and Hop On." I thought it was perfect for the holiday! 

Here is what it looks like:

How I Made The Sign:
I got a piece of wood in my scrap pile that was    and sanded it down to smooth the edges. Then I painted it a light purple just on the top. I did it messy on purpose!

When that dried, I sanded around the painted edges to clean them up a bit. Then stained the block with the color Early American.

While that dried, I got on my Cricut and designed the layout of the saying and cut in out in white vinyl. 

Lastly, I transferred that onto the painted side of the block, when it was all done drying.
I love how it turned out!!

A few weeks ago I went to Big Lots with my family just to look around and found the SUPER CUTE sequenced Easter Eggs and Birds. I couldn't pass them up and I thought they really weren't badly priced either. It would probably cost the same to make them as to buy them. I got 6 eggs in a pack and it was $6.00. I got 2 of those and 1 thing of the birds that had 3 in it. 

I used some of the eggs for another Easter craft I did, but I jut wanted to put the rest into a bowl and put it out next to my cute sign so thats what I did! 

Here are the eggs & birds:

Aren't they just the cutest?!?

I love how they all look together! I
 don't know if I will end up keeping the birds by this, 
but I will definitely have the sign and bowl of eggs next to each other!!

If you would like to see other Easter decor I have made,
you can go HERE to see them!

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  1. LOvely decorations! Thanks for sharing this idea!
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  2. Cute job as always... Love the purple too.. One question.. No burlap? LOL

  3. Super cute! Love those little bling-y chicks!
    I just found you today throught Southern Lovlies Linky. I hope you are able to stop by my blog and say hello.
    ~ Megin of VMG206


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