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Family Definition Board

This was a project I did way back when I first started my 
craft blog almost 2 years ago. 
I decided to do another post on it because it is 
one of my favorite little projects I have done and 
since its old and I didn't have many 
followers back then,
 I have decided to bring it from the vault!! 
{A lot of you have probably not seen it yet!}

I wanted something with the definition of family on it. 
I have loved this idea and wanted to do something for my home with it. 
I don't have my own house so I didn't want to put straight vinyl on a wall since I am not living where I am now forever so I put it on a wood board.

Here is what
 The Family Definition Board
looks like:

What I Used:
-9"x11" wood board
-Sand Paper
-Paint of any color (I used Buttermilk Cream)
-Stain (I used Early American)
-Vinyl (I used Brown)
-Mod Podge
-Flet & Burlap for the flowers
-Hot Glue Gun

How I Made It:
First, paint the wood the color you have chosen. I only painted the top of it because I wanted to stain the rest. I did 2 coats on mine. 

Then I sanded the edges a little bit so I could see wood around it on the front side. I like being able to see the stain color around the paint. 

Next, I stained the whole thing. I even put it over the paint on the front. Some spots I did heavier then others because I wanted an old fashioned look to it. 

Next, I put together the definition about family that I wanted. 
I set it up leaving a space in the top corner so I could put some flowers for embellishment.
Then I cut that out in brown vinyl using my cricut and put it on the board. 
Next, I put a coat of mod podge over the vinyl because I didn't want any of the letters or dots to have a chance to fall off!

While that was drying I made some felt flowers to put in the corner of the plaque. 

For the tutorials on how to make the Rosette and the Burlap Fan go here.

Here is the tutorial on how to make the ring flowers:

First, cut a circle out of felt. I used a small cup to trace my circle because I wanted them smaller. 

Then you are going to cut in a spiral motion to the center of the flower. It will look like this:

Next, starting in the center of the flower you will start rolling it. Putting dabs of hot glue every few rolls.

Make sure to put a dab of hot glue on the very end to secure it in place.

When you are all done making the flowers, hot glue them on to the board.

I just love how it turned out! I chose the more neutral colors so that it could go in any room I decided to put it in when I have a home of my own. 

I love reading over this great reminder of what a family is!!

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