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Pinterest Picks #50

I am so sorry there wasn't a Pinterest Picks last week!
I had a super early dental appointment that went way too long. Boo!

But I am so excited that its Friday already! Wahoo!!
This week flew by for me! Did it for you?? 

Today's Pinterest Picks is actually the one I had planned for last week.
So here we go!


I am loving this outfit for fall!! I love the striped shirt and the boots. The colors are perfect too!
Source: Belle & Jewel
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I am in LOVE with the colors of her hair! So pretty! I had been thinking about putting a little red in my hair next time I get it done. I just might try and be brave and do something like this! Gorgeous!
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These nails are so fun! I love them!! I love all the fun creativity that is coming out with doing a couple of nails a different color and pattern. So cute!
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I love this teal bag. I am crushing on this color a lot right now. How cute for fall!
Source: Unknown
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Isn't this the most precious picture?! It melts my heart. I am so having my little princess and my hubby do this at our next family pictures!
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I was just cutting some kiwi's the other day thinking there has to be an easier way then what I was doing. This seems to look like it might be easy! I am totally giving it a try next time I cut them.
Source: Hella Wella
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This is going to be a must make for me this fall! Mmm!! It looks delicious! I love me some snickers candy bars every now and again so I think this just might hit the spot! 
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I think this might be a definite for those chocolate lovers out there like me. This is a Twix Brownie. Doesn't it sound amazing?! Yum!
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This is a Crunchy Caramel Apple Pie. I am not a huge lover of apple pie, but this just sounds so good with the crunchy and caramel on top. I might have to try this out this fall.
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This looks so scrumptious! I have to make this. What a great combo of crunchy texture with my favorites of chocolate and strawberries! Mmm!
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Hope you enjoyed reading this week!

Hope you have an
Awesome Weekend!

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