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Stars and Stripes Tutorial

I know the month is over now, but with me just starting my crafting blog I thought I would put this post up. I made this for the month of July. 

Things you will need:

*Wood Board that is 51/2"x 42"x1"
*Stain. I used Early American
*Red Paint
*3 different size wood stars. I cut a star pattern from my cricut and my hubby cut them out in wood
*Any type of 4th of July Paper. I used 5 different patterns, but that's up to you
*Mod Podge
*Hot Glue Gun 
*Tape Measurer
*White Vinyl Lettering that says "Stars and Stripes" (I cut it out on my cricut and used the font Pea Cammi- Pea found here)

(I am sorry right up front I forgot to take step by step pictures. I will be better in the future!)

-After I got my wood board cut out I sanded down all the edges so they were nice and smooth
-I painted one side of the board red
-After that dried I sanded the front edges again around the paint so I could see a little bit of the wood again
-Then I stained the whole thing, even over the paint. I like it to have the rustic look. I also stained the wood stars
-After that dried I got my wood stars ready. Using the pattern from my cricut I cut just a little bit smaller stars out. I then traced the pattern on the 4th of July paper I was using. Then I mod podged the paper to the stars
-While that was drying I put the vinyl saying on the board
-Then I hot glued the stars to the board

The Results: 

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