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Cute Creepy Crawly Spider

My mother in law and I were talking a few weeks ago and she was telling me that her ward was going to be doing a Super Saturday. They have not done one in like 15 years (I think that's what she said) and so she was way excited and telling me about all the cute things they were going to have. If you don't know what that is, the ward has a bunch of different crafts that you can sign up for and then on a Saturday you all come together to make them. It is so fun to be together and make cute stuff!! My mother in law was so sweet and surprised me and signed me up to make this cute spider!

The lady that was in charge of the spider said she bought the wood in a kit. I am guessing you can find it at a craft store. Then she found cute paper for the body and legs.

How you make it:
Start with all your painting so it can dry while you are working on the paper. You will paint the head and outside of the body. I didn't paint the actual body since it is covered in paper. You will also paint the legs, nose mouth, eyes and eye balls. Right after I painted the eyeballs, I rolled them in black glitter so they would stand out.  

Next, is the paper. Trace the legs onto the paper of your choice and cut them out. Do the same with the nose and eyes. Then we had some cute spider web paper for the body. This part was the hardest for me. You have to cut the paper along the straight lines of the web but then make it all cover the body. Then you have to cut the excess paper around the head and the outer body. 

Then you mod podge all the paper onto the wood. The tricky part again was the body. I carefully slid all the paper off and put it back on in the order I had it on the spider other wise you could mess it up and have holes. 

When I painted the legs, I only painted the sides and back because the paper was going to be on top, but as you can see in the picture above there was a little wood showing in some areas. After the mod podge dried I went back and painted where it needed it. 

After the paint had dried I went through and antiqued everything. I just really like that look and thought it would be cute. I took a black stamp pad and a paper towel and rubbed ink around everything. I have no idea why, but it actually went purple. It looked so cute with the accents of purple already on the spider!!
You can really see that it went purple around the eyes here.

Then you will hot glue everything on the body of the spider. The nose, eyes, eyeballs and legs.

Then you will mod podge the "EeEK!!" at the top of the spider like so:
When the mod podge dries, take purple glitter glue and go around the edges of the letters. It gives it sparkle and helps it stand out!!

The very last thing is to drill holes in the top and add cute ribbon to hang it up!!

I absolutely love it!!! He is so cute!!

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  1. It was years and we had fun especially after at my house finishing everything up...well, almost everything!

  2. Cute spider! Thank you for linking up to my All Things Spooky series! xoxo!

  3. Such a cute spider! That's one spider I don't think my daughter will be scared of! :) I'm your newest follower!
    Briana @

  4. This is SO CUTE! I never thought to antique things with just an ink pad, AWESOME IDEA!!!

    Keep Creating!
    Angie @ Artsy You!

  5. Very Cute spider! I love the way you put Eeek on it. I think the spider is the one from The Wood Connection in Murray, and if you love to do stuff like this, that will be your new favorite store. :)

  6. What a cute spider! Thanks so much for linking with us at Show & Share!



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