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Mummified Glass Bottles

I wanted to make some cute Mummy's this year for Halloween. After reflecting on all the possibilities of what I could do I finally made my mind up and am so happy with the outcome!!! I used the glass bottles I got from my Mother-in-law a couple of months ago. 
Isn't he just so cute?!?

What You Need:

-3 glass bottles
-Cream fabric (I think I only ended up using like 1/4 yard, but I would get 1/2 yard just to be safe)
-Eyeballs (I got the actual looking eyeball at Hobby Lobby. There was 14 in the pkg and it was only $.99!) You could also use buttons.
-Hot glue gun
-6"x3" Wood block
-Cute Halloween paper
-Vinyl saying
-Mod podge

How To Make It:

To start off you will cut some strips of fabric. I cut mine about 1"wide and then the length of the fabric. I am guessing it is 42". I used 3-4 strips per bottle.

Then you will wrap this around the bottle. I started at the bottom. I put a big dab of hot glue on the bottle and then put the end of the fabric on that. Then you are going to twist and turn the fabric adding dabs of hot glue every few turns. It will stay in place better if you do that!

When I got to the top I went up high enough so you could not see the glass at all, but left it open because may be one year I might make them as vases! Who knows!! You could finish it off with the fabric if you wanted or add something else if you don't want to leave it open. 

After you get that wrapped all the way around the bottle, you will then do the eyes. I just hot glued my eyeballs on!! Easy as that!!
After I got the mummies all done I made a sign to go in front of them. 

I painted the wood block black.

After that dried I put some spider web paper on first, then I put some purple on. Then with silver vinyl I cut out "Find Your Mummy" with my cricut. I used the font His Name Is Honey found here. I mod podged all that onto the block. I mod podged the spider web paper first. Then put another coat over that and then put the purple paper on and put another coat over that. You need to make sure you put the vinyl on before you mod podge. If you wait to put the vinyl on until after you will have a hard time getting it to stick!!!

Here are the cute Mummy's all done...
These were seriously so easy to make. 

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  1. LOVE your mummies!!! I made some today too...

    The sign is just adorable!

  2. Oh my goodness, these are just the cutest things EVER!!! What a fabulous idea. Thanks so much for sharing it!!! jules

  3. They DID turn out cute! I like the thicker strips of fabric you used on these to give them such good, goulish texture!

  4. This is so awesome..perfect upcycling for the it..I found you over at Wow me Wed and had to stop in..Officially following ya with smiles..Great blog you have here with tons of creativity..Hope u can visit me sometime via TY.
    PS: Project Pink Blog Link Party is this weekend the 30th, would love for you to join over 50+ bloggers go PINK for breast cancer..You can find out more here..Wishing u a great week..


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