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Witches Boots

My Mom, sisters and I usually get together once or twice a month to do different crafts. Through the summer and since school has started it has been really hard to get together because everyones schedules are so different, especially since school has started. We were able to get together on Monday to do some Halloween crafts. I came up with the crafts for us to do. My awesome hubby cut all of our wood for us and I got to sand it all when he was done cutting. I don't know why but with my hubby's amazing electric sanders that he has I have come to love sanding!! I also got all of the supplies we needed. Here is a sneak peak...

What you will need:
-Wood Boots
-5/12"x3"x1" wood block
-Wood or Paper Stripes for her socks (I used wood on mine, but I know cute paper will work just as well!)
-Paint: Black, Green, Purple, Yellow
-Black ink pad and sponge
-Cute Halloween Paper
-2 Spider Rings
-Black Glitter
-Black Tulle
-Hot Glue Gun
-Mod Podge
-A couple brushes

This is all the wood you will use. To answer your question if you are hubby took apart something that he made awhile ago that we didn't want anymore and used the wood to cut our stuff out. So the boots do have stain on them. I was going to sand it off, but decided since I am just painting them black it wouldn't matter. If you are doing the stripes out of paper I hope you can just copy the pattern of them from this picture. If you need a better pattern I am sure I can get them and send it to you.

How To Make Them:
**I am sorry these pictures are not the best. You can totally see my family in the background in most of them!!**

To start out you will paint the shoes and the block black. I did to coats on mine.

Next you will paint the stripes on her socks. I choose the colors bright purple, bright green and yellow. The order I chose to put them it was purple, yellow, green and just repeat that pattern until you get to the end. Whatever color you start with will end up having 3 stripes and the other colors will just have 2. I started with purple because I love that color for Halloween.

While you are waiting for the paint to dry, you will want to work on your sign. I chose the saying, "The Witch Is In." I cut it out with my cricut using black vinyl. I totally can't remember the fonts I used. I try to write them down, but I forgot. If you would like to know please email me and I will figure out which ones I used. 
I found some cute spider web paper at Hobby Lobby and then found some lime green polka dot paper at Joann's. I put the spider web paper in the back then the green paper on top and then put the vinyl saying on top of that. You will mod podge this onto the block. FYI you will want to put the vinyl on before you mod podge. My mom put it on after and it was really hard to get it to come off the transfer just didn't want to stick!!
Then you hot glue some spiders on. I had some left over from my Spider Halloween Topiary so I just cut the ring part off of them and used them to put on the sign. Here is what it looks like

Hopefully the paint will be dry when you get done with the sign. Mine was, so next I antiqued the stripes for her socks. I used a black stamp pad and a make up sponge to rub the ink around the edges. Here is what they ended up looking like.
 I am so glad I thought about doing this step. They look so cute antiqued!

You will want to get you hot glue gun ready at this point because now you will glue the stripes onto the boots. You want each side to be the same. However you choose to start the next stripe will got the opposite way so you will have a patter like this: fat end, short end, fat end, short end and so on. Here is an example.

After you get these glued on you are going to work on the bottom part of the shoe. Put a heavy coat of mod podge on the black part of the boot. Then sprinkle lots of black glitter all over the shoes. 
Then shake the excess off. You might end up having to repair some places. This picture was taken before I did that. You can see dull spots on the left shoe. I just put some more mod podge there and sprinkled more glitter on.

The very last step is to put a bow around her shoes using black tulle. This makes it look like her "shoelace."

Here is her finished boots:
I just love how they turned out! The picture really doesn't do it justice.

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