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Glow Sticks in the Bath & Got Caught Being Good

We are now at the last day of this weeks series:

To see Day 1 go HERE & for Day 2 go HERE

Today I have a fun activity for the kids during bath time and also a fun thing to do with your kids to reinforce positive behavior. 

This bath time activity is super simple. All you need is a bunch of glow sticks!! Just break them and throw them in the tub with the kiddos. You can leave the lights off in the bathroom because the glow sticks give them enough light in the room. 

My kids LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this little activity!!! They were so good in the bath the days that we did it. Normally they are screaming and splashing..getting water everywhere. But for this they were so calm and loved playing with the glow sticks!

***FYI: You can freeze the glow sticks to use for another time in the tub!! It is amazing that they still light up days later!!!


The second thing I have for you today is something we recently started with our kids. It is called
 "Got Caught Being Good." 
I decided that is was time to start reinforcing their good behavior instead of always focusing on the negative and what they can do to be better. My hubby built this little board for me with a box on it to use. 

Of course I had to decorate it first!!! I started by spray painting the whole thing white.
Next, I stained the whole thing with the color Early American. I just love the brown color I get when doing this!
Then I took Chalkboard Paint and painted the front of the box. This is where we are going to keep a tally of their good behavior!

Next, I made a some cute flowers to spice it up and make it fun! Of course I had to do boy and girl colors since its for both my kids!! The tutorials on how to make them can be found HERE.

Then I cut out "Got Caught Being Good!" in black and pink vinyl on my cricut. I used the font Smiley Monster found HERE.

Lastly, I got some chalk and wrote my kids name on the chalkboard so I can put a tally by their name when they Get Caught Being Good!

Inside the box I put treats and goodies. When they get 5 tally marks they can pick one out!!

It has been working so well for us so far. It has definitely helped me focus more on their positive behavior which is much nicer!!

I hope you have enjoyed this Kids Days Series and reading about Bath Time Glow Sticks and Got Caught Being Good!

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  1. I did the glow sticks in the bath with my kids too and they loved it, they were so wrinkly when they got out.

  2. What great ideas!! I bet the glow sticks would make even my boy want to a bath. I would love it if you would be willing to share with us at our party going on now-Monday. Thanks

  3. Such great ideas!! The glow sticks were probably a total hit-it's something I would have loved to do as a kid! Thanks so much for sharing these at Tutorial Tuesday this week!

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