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Pinning it on Pinterest #14

Hi All!!

I hope you had a fantastic week!! I have had such a fun week. My sister has been staying with us with her new baby. It amazes me how much my baby is not a baby anymore:( Sad day. Why do they have to grow up way too fast?!? It has been fun to have a little baby around again!

I am very excited to show you all my Pinterest Loves from this week! 
So Lets Get To It!!!

This bathroom looks heavenly right now. I am loving the big bath tub and the windows...with some added shades for privacy:) It just looks so peaceful!!
Source: Locati Home
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This is the smartest idea in the world. How come I have never thought to do this?!? I totally want this in my future home! GENIUS!!
Source: Unknown
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I love this idea of putting shelves up in the bathroom for storage space. I think it would help keep things more organized too instead of having to try and fit everything under the sink and in drawers!
Source: 320 Sycamore
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This fire pit area is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the bench that goes around for people to sit at. I also love how the fire is raised up. I so want this in my future backyard!
Source: Gas Logs, Fireplaces, and More
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I am in love with this sweater! I love the color and the stripes. So cute for Spring!!
Source: HauteLook
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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this sweater!! I love the ruffle collar and how in comes down the front. The color is so fun. And I love the pockets!! I just really want this NOW:)
Source: Zalando
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These are french dip crescents!! Don't they look YUMMY?!?  I love how they are rolled up in the rolls. I want to try these one night for dinner.
Source: Mama Loves Food!
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Fresh Peach Dessert. All I can say is this look DELICIOUS!! I love anything with peaches. I have to make this soon!
Source: My Favorites
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These look Amazing!!! They are Toffee Crunch Cupcakes. I love toffee and have never thought of putting it on cupcakes. Yum!!
Source: Bakers Royale
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These are Quinoa Stuffed Peppers. They look scrumptious!! I would love to make these one night for dinner. I have done stuffed peppers before, but these look way better:)
Source: Undressed Skeleton
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That's it for this week's Pinning it on Pinterest! Hope you saw some thing you liked!! Thanks for reading!
Have a FANTASTIC weekend!!

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  1. Love the choices. That cupcake is so calling my name right now too.


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