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Let "FREEDOM" Ring!

Happy Monday All!!

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I had a fun weekend filled with family and friends. We had a few not so much fun moments, but we made it through. I am definitely ready for a new week!

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Today, I have my very last 4th of July Decor to show you! It has been so fun making all these fun and cute decorations to put up in the house to make it festive! 

Here is the Freedom Wreath Sign:

Overall this was very easy to make, just a little time consuming!

How I made it:

First, I measured out my piece of wood to fit the width of the wreath and then gave a few inches extra so I could put the word on the bottom. The size I did was 15 1/2"x 11".  My hubby cut it to size for me!

Next, I spray painted it red. The Lazy Man's way:) I was going to hand paint it, but spray painting is just much easier. 

While that was drying I made the wreath. I used the same technique I did on my American Flag Ruffle Wreath

-I cut out a bunch of circles using a small cup as my guide. Then I folded the circle in half and in half again. The I put a pin at the point of the circle and stuck it in the wreath-making sure I turned them different directions. 

When I got the wreath put together. I cut out the word "Freedom" on my circut in the font I wanted. I used white vinyl. I then stuck it onto the bottom of the board. 

Lastly, I got some silver ribbon and put it through the wreath. Then I hot glued it on!!

Definitely easy like I said, just takes a little time!!!

I just love it though. I put it on a easel on the shelf above my TV!

Happy Decorating!!!

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  1. Never thought of combining the two elements of wreath and board sign - nice work:)

  2. That does look great! You know I love a good wreath!

  3. Hi there. I'm dropping by from Blissful and Domestic's link party. Wow! This looks awesome and like something you'd pay good money for in a decor/home boutique. Great job. You must have a ton of patience!

    Have a great weekend!

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot:)

  4. Hey lady! I just stumbled on your cute blog and I’m your newest adoring follower!! I'm so glad I found you:) Also I would love to invite you to a huge Shabby Apple Giveaway I'm having right now!

    hope to see you there, and thanks so much!!
    Xo, Emily


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