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Pinning it on Pinterest #26

Today is a completely sad day for me and for Pinning it on Pinterest. Here's why....

I have thought hard about things that are happening during the course of the summer on my blog. 
*I have been asked to co-host a Summer Fun Party going on all summer with 15 other Amazing bloggers. {More to come on this on Monday for our Big Kick Off}. 
*The Project Pinterest Challenge is still in full swing. 
*I also have my bloggiversary happening in July. Woot Woot!! 

For these reason's I just need one more day during the week to be able to post stuff. It is really hard because I love doing this post every week, but I feel that this is the best decision. Among all these wonderful things happening I will would like to post crafts and homemade decor for you all to enjoy. I just wish there could be more days during the week so I could continue to do this particular post!!

I have ONE PROMISE for you though:
I WILL BE BACK at the end of summer with more

I hope you will be back to join me again when that day comes. 

Just wanted to remind you about the Project Pinterest Challenge happening right now.
There is just a little over 1 week left to enter!!!
We would love to have you enter if you haven't already!!!
Two Yellow Birds Decor

I am so sorry about last weeks pinning it on pinterest. It really was a crazy end of the week! Hopefully today will make up for that!

So Let's Get To Our Last Pinning it on Pinterest!!!!

This is such a great way to organize the junk drawer. I love that they are in old Altoids tins! Perfect way to reuse!
Source: Unknown
Pinned HERE

I love this way for storing ribbon. These are picture ledges. I need to find these now. My ribbons are all stuffed in a bag and so hard to find the one I need. This would be the perfect way to find them!!
Pinned HERE

This side table is so cute!! You are never going to believe it, but its a TRASH CAN turned upside down!! Its amazing what a little spray paint can do!
Source: Ana Antunes
Pinned HERE

This is such a cute gift for the kiddos to give classmates at the end of the school year. Its a little hard to see-the tag says "Hope you have a ball this summer!" I love the tubes that the gum is in!
Source: Bloom Designs
Pinned HERE

I am sure I am not the only one guilty of comparing yourself with others that have more then you do and you wish you could have what they have. I hate when I do this. When I saw this on Pinterest is struck me HARD. I never really thought about it this way. There are people in other countries that have way less then I have and they are so happy. I feels so blessed for what I do have and need to be happy with that!
Pinned HERE

Hello, don't these look AMAZING?!? I just want to take a bit out of the picture. They are called Hot Fudge Oreo Cupcakes. I will be making these soon!!!
Pinned HERE

I bet you can't guess what these are from the picture. I know I wouldn't be able to. These are German PANCAKES! They are made in a muffin tin. They say if you only fill it half full and bake it will create the crater in the middle all by itself. Then you can fill with yummy fruit! So cool!
Pinned HERE

This looks so healthy and yummy. It is a roasted potatoes and veggies salad. I just want to make me one right now. YUM! This is a perfect thing for summer!
Pinned HERE

These shoes are DARLING!!! I love the color! Its perfect for spring/summer. I need to get me some!
Source: OBAZ
Pinned HERE

Isn't this necklace so pretty?!? Oh, I just love everything about it. The color, the design, and the balls! What a fun way to dress up an outfit!
Source: Bauble Bar
Pinned HERE

I hope you had a fun time ready today's last Pinning it on Pinterest! Hopefully you found something you liked as well!!! 
I hope you have an Awesome weekend and 
a Fabulous Summer!!! I will see you again in the Fall!

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  1. Those shoes are freaking cute!! I'm all about some pretty greens this summer!


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