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Birthday Round Up #1

Since we are just starting out the "Blog Birthday Bash" I thought it would be fun to have a few amazing ladies share their birthday traditions or a favorite party they have had. 
Hopefully you find something that you Love and want to start including in birthdays around your house!!

**If you missed our Kick off yesterday go Here. There is also a giveaway there too!!
First up we have Pamela from 
Pamela's Heavenly Treats:
Hi! I am Pamela from Pamela's Heavenly Treats, and we LOVE birthdays at my house.  Since I am a baker our tradition is that everyone gets to pick out there birthday cupcakes, sometimes it's a cupcake flavor that I have not worked with, but it always turns out wonderful.  Here are a few of my creations.

Wow! Don't her cupcakes look amazing!! She is very creative on how she decorates them with what the birthday person wants! What a fun tradition she has going. 
Thanks for sharing your fun cupcakes with us Pamela!!

Next, we have Linda from
Two Succulent Sisters:

Hi, everyone, I'm Linda from Two Succulent Sisters
Thank you, Jill, for inviting me to help celebrate your First Bloggiversary!!!
We just had a birthday party for my Mom and I'd like to share with you 
something we did to help make her party special.

This is my Mom. 
She just celebrated her 103rd birthday! She was born in 1909!
She's a pretty amazing person but that's for another post.
We thought we should do something special  on her 103rd birthday (every birthday after 100 is special, right? Oh, heck, any birthday after 90 is special!) Anyway, we came up with THIS... old-fashioned car to drive her from her house to the party!
The driver/owner of the car couldn't have been more perfect either! 
He dressed and acted the part, too. 
He even gave the kids a ride in the rumble seat. That was a big hit! 
Here I am in the rumble seat with Michele, my niece. (I'm on the far side.)

Mom keeps talking about the car and what a surprise it was! 
I'm so glad we came up with something unique. 
Happy Bloggiversary to you, Jill, and thanks for having me.

Isn't her Mother adorable?!? I LOVE the old fashion car. What a fun idea to make such a special birthday even more special!!! Thanks Linda for sharing such a fun birthday with us!

Now we have
Katie from My Darling Days:

 I write over at My Darling Days -- a scrapbook of my days, documenting daily finds, crafts, thoughts, fashion, food, & more!

Today I'm sharing an M&M Themed Birthday party that I helped my sister throw for my niece.

It looked a little something like this:

1. Thrifted mason jars filled with M&M's for table centerpieces
2. Adorable niece, Birthday Girl Elena
3.M&M Lights
4. Ballons with M&M stickers on each table
5. Scrapbook paper M's, taped to the wall
6. M&M's everywhere!

And a huge thank you to Recipe Girl for the fabulous cake inspiration!

I'd say by the looks of it, Miss Elena had a wonderful time:

To read more details about the party, click here!

Thanks for having me Jill, and Happy bloggy Birthday to YOU!


 What a fun birthday party theme! I absolutely love all the detail in the decor and I especially LOVE the m&m cake! Thanks so much Katie for sharing this with us!


Next up we have 
Jessica from Cox's Corner:

Hi there! My name is Jess and I blog over at Cox's Corner
I'm so excited to share a couple of inexpensive birthday party ideas with you. I LOVE throwing parties for my little man...but they sure can get expensive! 
Here are a couple of the parties I threw for my mister:

One of my biggest rules is to try and use things that I already have on hand. Especially when it comes to decorating his cakes. For his 1st birthday I converted a mini bear pan into a cute little monkey, for his second birthday I converted a simple bowl into Mickey Mouse Ears. Head on over to my blog where I have a great tutorial to show you how!

Those are great parties she through for her little man!! I love the cute candy jars in the Mickey Mouse Party and I LOVE the monkey cake in the first party! 
Thanks so much for sharing your fun, creative and inexpensive party Jessica!

Next we have Kim at

First of all Happy Birthday Blogday to Jill! What a great milestone!
Hi I'm Kim over at Reposhture!

I put the fun in functional! My main fancy is taking junk (garage door panels, for example) and turning it into something less trashy and more, well, functional. Like a bench for instance.  I also repaint furniture and about anything else I can get my hands on.
But I am hear to talk about birthdays! We do B-days BIG at out house. We like to celebrate each little persons day by having a few traditions. I always put them to bed and then decorate their door with streamers, their bed while they sleep, and the whole first floor. Streamers in all the door ways, on the mantels, from the corners of the room to the chandy in the middle. It is different every year and they love waking up and seeing what got did.

Then they can eat whatever they want ALL DAY LONG! They give me their list of specialty foods for their day about a week before and then we cook or "snack" on it the their entire day.

Lastly, I surprise them with a special cake I have made. They give me their idea about a week (or months!) ahead and they can't see it until their party. It is so fun to watch their faces light up when they see the cake. It is just like a present for them and well me really. I love those little smiles!

Thank you Jill for letting me be a part of your birthday! So here it goes...

Happy Bloggy Birthday to you! Happy Bloggy Birthday to you! Happy Bloggy Birthday dear Jill!  Happy Bloggy Birthday to you!

Always being renewed,

Thank you so much Kim!! You are so cute! I LOVE all your fun birthday traditions. You definitely know how to make someone feel special on their day! I would love to wake up to a bedroom/house full of streamers! I think I am going to need to start that tradition in my house! 

Last, but certainly not least 
we have Cheryl from
Prickly Banana:
Hey it's Flo from Progressive.  Oops, it's just me, Cheryl!
Hey there bloggy peeps! I'm Cheryl from Prickly Banana and I am super hyped to be helping Jill at Two Yellow Birds Decor celebrate her 1st Bloggiversary. That is definitely an event worth celebrating!! Yeah Jill!!!
My favorite birthday event of the year is always my son Avery's birthday. He was born at the end of October and we have a Halloween themed party on the same night as tricks-or-treats. It is a blast with over-the-top decorations, costumes, a huge dinner feast and then everyone goes trick or treating together. Here are a few photos of my place along with some super fun ideas for Halloween!

My husband did a fantastic job doing up the front yard in scary graveyard fashion.  He had a little help from his friends!
Scary costumes!
Here are some super fun ideas for your next Halloween/Birthday party.  Thanks Jill for letting me share my party!
I did this in my living room and it turned out AWESOME!!!!  The more the better! Photo from Google.
Creepy and I mean creepy finger sugar cookies!  Recipe from  Domestic Sugar.

What an awesome birthday party!! I would love to have a birthday around Halloween! Thanks so much Cheryl for  sharing a favorite birthday party with us!!
 A Huge Thank You to everyone who shared their fun ideas with us today!!! 
I hope you all had fun reading about other's birthday parties and traditions!


  1. Happy Bloggy Birthday Jill!!!!

  2. Linda, that is awesome that your mom is 103. What a blessing.

    You girls are super party planners. My daughter would go crazy for the M&M cake (so would her dad). Thanks for the ideas.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I know it means so much to all our lovely ladies!


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