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Guest Blogger {Motivated Mommy of Two}

Today we have such a fun treat. We have Shirley from Motivated Mommy of Two here with us showing us a fun game to do with the kids over the summer! This is definitely a fun way to beat the summer boredom!

Bloggy Friends, Meet Shirley....


Hello everyone, I am really excited to be guest posting for Jill today. I have been following Jill’s blog since I started blogging. I enjoy linking up to her Thursday’s Temptation link party and also enjoy all of the great information she provides.
Jill and I are also co-hosting together along with 14 other bloggers the Summer Fun Party!

My name is Shirley and I blog at Motivated Mommy of Two. I am a mom to the two most wonderful kids and a wife to the most loving and understanding husband.
I love to write about what motivates me to keep going with my weight loss journey, the awesome times I spend with my family. And of course all of the different projects I like to work around the house.

Today I wanted to share with you a wonderful idea I found on Pinterest. It is called Word Checkers Game
I stopped at the Dollar Tree store and found this game of checkers
I bought double sided tape and some foam sheets so that I can use to make the squares and write the words on them.
I cut out each square, using the double sided tape I placed them on every single black square. Following the directions, I wrote high frequency words on each square. And this is what I ended up with
Now here is the way I changed the game, I did not play the actual game of checkers with my kids instead I did the following
  • Gave my daughter the red coins
  • Gave my son the black coins
  • Each one had to take turns picking a word, for example my daughter picked the word ‘Eat’
  • In order to put her coin on top of the word she had to say the sound of each letter and try to say what the word was. I must say just by saying the sound of the letters my kids were able to say a lot of the words. The ones that they did not know I helped them.
  • Next it was my son’s turn, he picked the word by.
The goals for me was not to see who can win the game of checkers but getting them to learn the words.
Once each one was done with their coins, the game was over. I must tell you my kids had a good time playing and I enjoyed my self too because they were not also playing but learning too.
Jill, Thank You so much for having me as your guest. I hope to see you all at Motivated Mommy of Two.

This is such an awesome idea to help kids learn there words and its such a fun way too!!
I will definitely be using this idea when my daughter is a little bit older!

Thanks so much Shirley for sharing such a fun game with us today!!


  1. Jill Thank you so much for having me over.

  2. This is a great idea. It is definitely going on my growing list of things I’ll be doing when my daughter gets a little older. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. You are welcome , hope you enjoy playing with your daughter when she is older


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