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Spice Planters

My hubby was in the mood to grow some of our own spices this year. One day, while he was at the store, he bought all the materials to do that. He came home and said, "before I plant these I know you are going to want to decorate the pots." Oh he just knows me so well:) 

The pots sat around for awhile and I finally got around to getting them done last week! I hope I didn't get them done too late in the summer! We shall see!

I wanted to make some cute polka dot planters. I have seen them all over pinterest and blogland and just love them. 

How I made mine:

First I spray painted all the pots white. I did 4 coats on them so they would be really white. 

And the bottom stands black. I put 3 coats on these.

While the white pots we drying I got on my cricut and cut out a bunch of vinyl circles.

When the pots finally dried I put the circles on all over in random spots, making sure they were on securely.

Then I spray painted each one a different color.
I put 4 coats on the yellow one and 2 on the blue and purple ones.

When those fully dried I pulled all the vinyl circles off and put them on there black stands. Here is what they look like:

I LOVE how they look!!

The spices my hubby got are these:

I got out all the planting supplies and got to work planting them in there new homes!
I planted them all according to there packages and gave them some water. 

After I got them planted....I ran into a little problem. How was I to remember which one was in which??? Good question!! I came up with an idea. 

I went to my cricut and cut out the words of the seeds in black vinyl. I then went outside and put the words on the pots. I definitely wish I thought of that sooner!! It was a little challenging trying to get the vinyl on and not spill the dirt and seeds!! 

I am so excited about how they turned out! It actually adds so much when I put the words on the pots! I love it!!! 

***I have a little good news as well....the basil is already starting to sprout!!! YAY!!!***

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  1. Those are really cute! Polka dots are just plain fun!!

  2. Visiting from Creative Corner. I LOVE the way you did the plant names!

  3. Jill, these are adorable. I am so pinning them for a weeknight project!
    Hugs, Jen @ f5

  4. Cute cute cute! I would love for you to link these up to our Pinteresting Party! :)

  5. So cute! I love polka dots. Your blog is so amazing by the way.

  6. Jill, you know I LOVE your site! I have nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger Award - please go to my site to check out the rules / guidelines.

  7. Polka dots are awesome! nd your header is really cute. Like it a lot!

  8. Those are so fun and summery! Polkadots are my fave! Thanks for sharing at the Pomp Party! Pinning to our Pomp Party board!

  9. Omgoodness! these turned out super cute! I love polkadots and this would make such a lovely gift! Please come hang out and link up to our link party "Home is Where the Heart is" Please feel free to link up any posts you might want to share! :)


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