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Pinterest Picks #1

I am so happy to announce that Pinning it on Pinterest is BACK!!!! I took the summer off of doing it so I could spend more time with my kiddos. 

There is a little change as you probably saw. I am now going to call it Pinterest Picks! I am still going to  list my top 10 favorites pins from the week just like before. 

I hope you are all as excited as I am to have the series back! 

With that said lets get to the first week of Pinterest Picks!

I love this lamp shade!! What a cute way to spruce it up! The ruffles are adorable and I love the little flowers to embellish it. 
Pinned HERE

What a fun way to transform this dresser into a cute table for a family room. Its a great way to organize games or video games and accessories. LOVE IT!!
Pinned HERE

I love this cute outfit!! The colors are so pretty. This is a perfect fall outfit. I really need to make me a long maxi skirt like this. So pretty!!
Source: Polyvore
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I am in LOVE with her hair! The cut is darling and I love the color. I will be doing this to my hair when I get my next hair cut! 
Source: Stacked Hair
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Its amazing what tucking your shirt in and adding a belt can do to an outfit. It is such a huge difference between the two pictures. This cute girl has SO MANY tips on her blog about making an outfit look different by adding accessories do it. Go check it out for more tips!!
Pinned HERE

I think this is the cutest idea to photograph your daughter in your wedding dress and give it to her on her wedding day! I am so doing this with my daughter. LOVE!!
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Ok now this is the sweetest picture. I LOVE how they put him with the ultrasound pictures. So Precious!! I need to remember this for my next baby. 
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Who would not feel better by just looking at this car?!? How cute are those little bandaid monsters! Such a creative idea. I need to make me some to have on hand to give to someone who is sick. 
Source: Flickr
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I am in love with this quilt! How fun for a little boy. I need to make one for my little guy. So cute!!!
Source: Unknown
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{I have a funny story about this stuff. One day my hubby and I were watching Myth Busters. My little girl was in the room while we were watching it. The episode we were watching they had made a huge batch of this goop and were running on it and then the guy sat there and sunk into it. My little girl LOVED watching him do this. To this day she keeps saying she wants to watch the one with the goopy stuff!! I wanted to look up how to make it so she could play with it. Well I didn't have to! The VERY NEXT DAY I went onto Pinterest and there it was! It was so meant to be that I had this recipe! HAHA!! I will be making this one day with my little ones!}
 This stuff is called Magic Mud. It is cornstarch and water mixed together. If you punch it quickly it turns to a solid. Then if you slowly put your hand in it turns to liquid. 
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Thats it for this weeks Pinterest Picks!! I hope you enjoyed reading again:) 
Have an Awesome Weekend!

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