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Halloween EEK Frame

I am so excited to be starting my Halloween crafting! I can't believe that Halloween is creeping up on us. Today I have a fun little Halloween Frame for you.

One day while my hubby and I were out shopping we came across some plastic eyeballs that were on sale. My hubby told me to go ahead and get them because he knew I would do something with them. 
I have saved them for a few months because I knew I wanted to do something for Halloween with them. 

I had a frame on hand that is perfect for what I wanted to do. 

To start this project, I painted the frame purple. I did 2 coats on it.

Next, I pulled the eyeballs out and laid them on the frame how I wanted them.
I didn't want to go to overboard with them so I put them in one corner of the frame.

Then I hot glued those to the frame.

I added on orange ribbon around the bottom and hot glued it on the back side. I also put a piece of burlap in the "picture" part of the frame.

Next, I cut out "EEK" in green paper on my circut and hot glued it to the frame. I also added a couple of spiders to go with the "EEK!!"

Here it is all finished:
I love how it turned out and am excited to put it up in the house! 

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