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Halloween Potion Bottles {Part 1}

Allacazam Allacazoom!!

Today I have a super simple and fun Halloween 
decoration for you!
Potion Bottles.

I asked my mother in law last year if I could have their glass bottles when they were done drinking the soda. She gave me lots of them. I did a few crafts last year with some of them and had a few more to use this year. I thought this would be a perfect way to use them. 

I went on Pinterest and found some cute potion labels to use. 
The site I went to has so many cute and creepy ones. Go HERE to see them. And they are free to download!

After I printed them out I crinkled them up to give them an older look. 

Then I mod podged them to the bottles. I put 2 coats of mod podge on the top to make sure it was secure and give it a really shiny look. 

And that's it!!! Super quick and easy and gives such a fun statement for Halloween!

When I put them up where I wanted them to be I decided I needed a few more bottles so I made some more. Here is the end results:

I am so excited to show you what else I made to go with these bottles. 

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  1. Jill...those are so great! I love that you crinkled them up too! Very cool project and you know I love the quick and easy ones!

  2. We don't really do Halloween. It is more the Fall stuff I get into, but these are very cute!! I would so make these if I was crazy about Halloween. Can't wait to see what else you did!!!

  3. My daughter and I have been on the hunting for DIY Halloween crafts. Your Potion Bottles are amazing, we now have plans to make a few for our fall decor. Thanks for sharing. ;o)

  4. I'm so glad that I am following you! What a creative idea and I love the way the labels turned out. Thanks for the inspiration:)


  5. Love these! I just acquired some empty brown Pumpkin Ale bottles that would be perfect for this!


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