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My Memories Software Code Reminder

Happy Hump Day All!!

I hope you are all having an awesome week so far. I feel a little off today because of the holiday on Monday. I feel like it should be Tuesday! Does anyone else feel this way?!?

Today I wanted to remind you all about 
A couple of months ago I did a giveaway for the program and showed you a few things that I made with it. To read that post go HERE.

Since I first did this, I have worked with the program a lot more and have grown to love it even more!!! I am amazed what you can do with it. 

Here are some examples of some things I have made with it since:

I made a getting to know you sheet for some girls that I teach.
I made an invitation for my Mom.
I also made a reminder flier for some girls that I teach.

These are just a sample of things that I have made. 
{I have made them small on purpose. If you would like to see better images. Please email me!}

If you would like to purchase the program you don't need to pay full price!!!

MyMemories Software has offered Two Yellow Birds Decor Readers
 $10.00 off the program if you are interest in buying it!!! 
Upon Checkout...use the code:

I promise you will love the program!

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