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Swiss Days

Every year over Labor Day Weekend in Midway, Utah 
they hold a fun celebration called 
Swiss Days. 
It is a 2 day even that brings in tens of thousands of people. 
They have many many booths of vendors that come in and bring all kinds of crafts, holiday decor, jewelry, kids clothing, music, gift wrapping, photography, paintings, etc. 
The list goes could go on forever. I think overall the majority of it is crafts and holiday decor. 
They really do have the cutest things up there for this event. 
We talked with one vendor that came in from California! 
Its amazing all those that want to come in from other states to be apart of this event!

My Mom, Sisters and I have had a tradition for years to go up there.
 It is always so fun to go as just us girls with no kids and be together. 
It was funny to me this year though. As I have gotten more into making my own crafts, I looked at a lot of things saying to myself, "I could make that and not have to spend that kind of money to get it!" 
I wasn't expecting this to happen, 
but I now have a TON of ideas of things I could do in the next little while that 
I wanted to buy, but decided to make it myself!!

Here are a couple of pictures:

This was really early Friday morning so the crowd wasn't too bad. This is just one small area of vendor tents there.
This is one row of the tents, but you can see the crowd this brings in!!!

If you would like to read more about
Swiss Days

Hope you all have a fabulous Holiday weekend!

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