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Fall Mason Jar Decor

I have noticed lately that mason jars are coming in big time 
for all sorts of different things.
 I wanted to get on the bandwagon myself and make 
some cute vases out of them for my fall mantel. 
These were so beyond easy to make and I love the look they give!!

What I used are 3 different size mason jars. 
My mom had these in her food storage room and let me take them!!

BIG JAR: I took small jute and wrapped it around many many times. I secured it with hot glue.

MEDIUM JAR: I took a strip of felt and hot glued it around the medium jar. I also wrapped the small jute around the middle of the felt a few times.

SMALL JAR: I took a strip of burlap and hot glued it around the jar.

Here are what they look like together:
I bought those stick things at the dollar store awhile ago and this was the perfect place to use them. 

I love the way they turned out. They look so good with everything on my mantel.
Here is what that all looks like!

EEK!! I love it!!!

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  1. I'm in looove with mason jars. You can seriously do so much with them!

  2. I am a big fan of mason jar. This is a great idea

  3. Jill, these are so simple yet so elegant...LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

  4. Such a cute and simple idea. It really looks great. New follower.
    Danielle @


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