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Oh Come Let Us Adore HIM

A few months ago while I was browsing through Pinterest I saw a sign that said, 
"Oh come let us adore Him." 
I fell in love with the idea of putting this up on a sign for the Christmas season.

It took awhile to figure out just what I wanted to do, but I finally figured it out.

For this project I am going to use pallet boards. 
My hubby cut a pallet up for me so I have lots of boards from that. 

*To be honest what I did first TOTALLY FAILED. I was so not happy. I wanted to spray paint it and leave the wood for the letters. I did a sample and loved it, but when I did it on the project you could not even see the letters so I had to go about doing this differently. Its ok though...I love how it did turn out!

What I did was spray paint the whole board green. I had to do lots of coats on it. I lost count because of having to redo the whole thing.
{You can kid of see the letters in this picture that I was trying to cover up}
I didn't really want it this bright of green. I wanted it soft and old looking, but because I had to repaint over the letters this is what I got.

While that was drying I got on my cricut and designed the saying how I wanted it. I pulled the letters off so I had the silhouette of them because I want to paint them on.
This is what it looked like:

Next, I transferred that over to my pallet boards.

I got out red craft paint and silver paint and got to work. 
I put 2 coats of paint on everything.

After that dried all the way I pulled the vinyl off.
Here is what it looks like finished:

I am definitely happy with the outcome after the mishap to begin with!!

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  1. as usual, I love this :) it turned out awesome, especially love the bright green color!

  2. Love it!! Just picked up a pallet today! It has red paint on it too. Trying to come up with something "as is" without taking it all apart.....hubby is too busy right now to help and I am just not sure I could get it all apart and cut.
    Great job on yours!!!

  3. That is fantastic, I love the colors you picked and the saying


    Creative Raisins

  4. Adorable -love how the color turned out ~ Cute Blog!

    Stopping by via chef in training
    Kyra @

    1. Thank you so much! You are too sweet!
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

  5. I absolutely LOVE the way this looks-you did an AWESOME job!

  6. I am SO jealous of how crafty you are lady! I love this sign!

  7. I love your sign! I am a new {translate - not awesome yet} Silhouette user. I have pulled off the letters and made a sign, but I haven't tried it this way. Were you using regular 9 inch vinyl? Adding your crafty self to my blog emails so I can keep up with you!

    1. Thank you so much! I actually have a Cricut and I cut the vinyl out to what size I am using so I don't waste any. This one was 10"x 15". I hope that answered your question!
      You are too sweet!

  8. Absolutely L.O.V.E. this! I need a silhouette to be left in my stocking!

  9. Hey Jill! even though you had to redo, it turned out really nice - I love that shade of green and a wonderful way to praise the Lord!


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