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Pinterest Picks #25 {Easter Edition}

I can't believe its already Friday! 

Did this week fly by for anyone else?? 
I have been in spring cleaning mode so I have been busy 
working through my house...maybe that's why! 

Since I am getting Spring Fever and TODAY is the beginning of March and to know that Easter is not too far from us, I have decided to do a special edition of Pinterest Picks today!

Welcome to our

Here is what I have found for you:

I think I just might try doing this with the kiddos this year. I have heard that you can dye the eggs with kool-aid but never seen it. Looks pretty and I am sure it smells much better!!
Source: Unknown
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This is such a great tip...slowly add more water until the eggs are completely covered! They look so cute done this way! Also, you don't have to get your fingers all dirty from trying to hold it in the cup!
Source: Unknown
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I thought this was really fun and cute...put coupons in your kids Easter eggs!! What a great surprise for them!
Source: Unknown
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This site had 50 Easter basket ideas that done involve candy. You must check it out! There are really good ideas!
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I love this!! What a cute and fun thing for the kids to make before Easter! Too cute!
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Aren't these cups adorable?!? What a cute thing to make to put easter candy in as a little party favor for Easter dinner. I know my kiddos would love help making them!
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This is such a great idea. As you can see, its an EGG POPSICLE!! What a fun thing for the kids to help make and then let them eat them. YUM! 
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I love this framed Egg Artwork. It is so simple but looks so pretty for Easter! 
Too CUTE!!
Source: KT Designs
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I am in love with the Easter Wreath!! How cute with the frame, grass, and eggs! I looks darling
to welcome your guest! 
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I love this fun candy display!! What fun colors for Easter and Spring! Such a bonus to get a 2 in 1 decor! This makes me so happy just looking at it!
Source: Bonjour!
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Well, its hard to say but 
thats it for this weeks Pinterest Picks!!
I seriously could go on Forever with all the cute and fun things on Pinterest! 
Hope this list was able to help and inspired you for EASTER!!!

Have a "HOPPY" Weekend!

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