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Pinterest Picks #28 {Fashion Sense}

Hello, and Welcome to this weeks Pinterest Picks!!

**Before we get started I wanted to let you know I have a 
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Now let's get to this weeks

With spring in the air I am feeling the need to do a 
Special Fashion Edition 
this week to help rejuvenate your fashion after the long winter months!

Hope you enjoy!


I am loving this home done ombre nail technique! Its so pretty!! It looks pretty easy to do too!
Source: Snapette
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I am LOVING this outfit! The blazer it so cute and makes the outfit a little more dressed up for a night out on the town. So Cute!!
Source: Unknown
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This dress/outfit is perfect for summer! I love the color and the chevron pattern! I really like the sandals as well!
Source: Polyvore
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Can you believe this is the same bum from the same girl?? Ya, I didn't either!!! Its amazing what the right pair of jeans can do to your figure!! Go check out the amazing comparisons she has with so many different jeans. I learned so much for the next time I buy some!
Pinned HERE

These shoes are so pretty!! I love that its fun and flirty, but dressy at the same time! The color is gorgeous too!
Source: Urbanog
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Isn't this ring GORGEOUS?!? I want it now! I love the color of it and the style of it. So pretty!
Source: Shopbob
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This site has 10 different ways to dress up that old boring pony tail! Such cute ideas! I need to work on this a bit!!
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I am loving this short bob!! I am kind of thinking I might do this when I get my next hair cut! I love the colors too! 
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Isn't this eyeshadow Gorgeous?!? The colors are so pretty and shiny! I LOVE it! 
Source: We Heart It
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This tutorial is shows you how to make your own eyelashes look so big and full they look like fake eyelashes! Its crazy how simple it really is! Go check out the video!
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That's it for our Fashion Edition of Pinterest Picks!! 
Hopefully something stood out to you as it did me!

Have a Spectacular Weekend!


  1. Great picks Jill :) I'm loving the short bob!

  2. Wonderful picks!! I have that same hair cut now! It's so much fun to style!

    1. Thank you so much! Oh, How FUN!!! I seriously want that bob for my next cut!
      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. I did my first Pinterest Picks inspired by you! :-) If you do decide to cut your hair, be sure to post pics! I bet it'll turn out so cute!

    3. Ah! How sweet!!! I would love to see your post!! What's the link??


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