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Easy {Jute} Projects

I bought a roll a jute a couple of months ago and I really haven't used it since I got it. I have been working on making a little gallery wall for my bedroom and wanted different shapes to put in it. I had a little wood circle I bought for a project at the end of last year that didn't end up working out so it has just been sitting in my craft room since. When I saw this circle I knew I wanted to include it in the gallery wall. As I was trying to figure out what I was going to do with it this roll of jute caught my eye. I knew the perfect thing was to wrap this circle "wreath" with the jute! 

Since I am redoing a lot of the decor in our room as well I knew I wanted to make a new vase for some flowers that I took out of a pot we had in there before. To tie in the little jute wreath into our room, I knew what I had to do with this vase! 

These projects were so easy and went together so quickly. My kind of projects. HA! 
They look so Amazing though, don't they?!?

I am going to do a little tutorial on how 
I made both of these so you can make them as well!

How I Made Them:

First up will be the 
Mini Jute Wreath:

What you will need:

-Little Wood Circle Wreath...or big depending on what you want! Bought at Michael's
-Roll of Jute
-Black Satan Fabric or the desire color wanted
-Pearl Gems
-Candle or some type of fire that will let your hands be free

How To Make It:

To start you are going to get the end of the jute string and hot glue that to the wood circle wreath.

Then you are going to wrap it around the circle. I didn't want to cut a huge long string so I left it on the roll. It fit right through the middle to do that. I did mine clean and lined up, but you could do it more messy and wrap it on top of each other here and there, if that makes sense!

When I got that all wrapped, I cut it and hot glued the end onto the back.

Next comes the flower. 
First you will need to cut 3 different size circles-big to small. They do not have to be perfect! It think it looks cuter when they aren't actually!!

This fabric frays a lot so next you are going to run the edges next to the fire so they don't fray. When you are done going around the outsides of them you are going to put the whole circle over the fire. If you do this VERY QUICKLY it will bunch it up a little giving it some fun dimensions. WARNING...if you leave it on the fire too long you will get a hole in the material..we don't want that!!

Then I hot glued those together. You could stitch them together, but I didn't on this one since they are going on a wreath. I put my glue gun on a low setting so it didn't get too hot. 

When I got that done, I added 3 little pearls in the center of the flower. They had sticky backs on them so I just stuck them on. 
Then I hot glued the flower onto the wreath.

Next, I made a make shift ribbon out of the black satan material I used for the flower so it would match. I cut a strip of fabric and burned the edges just like the flower to prevent the fraying. Then I tied that onto the wreath. 
Here is how I tied it:

1. Fold the ribbon in half and lay the folded end over the wreath
2. Take the 2 loose ends and tuck them under the wreath and pull them up through the loop created       from the fold in the ribbon
3. Pull the 2 loose ends so it tightens up
4. I made a knot in the top of the ribbon and cut the ribbon to make a little holder to hang it up with.

That's it for this one!! I am so excited to hang it up with my gallery wall!


Now I am going to show you how to make the
Jute Vase:
{You probably won't believe what I made this out of!!}

What you will need:

-Yep, a Pringles Chip Can!
-Roll of Jute
-Hot Glue Gun
-Ribbon to embellish
-Flowers or Greenery to put inside

How I Made It:

First, I took the end piece of jute and hot glued it onto the rim of the Pringles can.

Then I wrapped and wrapped and wrapped the jute around the can!! 
I did it tight together so the can wouldn't show through. 
When I got to the bottom, I cut the jute and hot glued it to the can.

Next, I created a little ribbon out of the satan fabric I did above. I cut a strip and then burned the edges so it wouldn't fray.

Then I tied that in a bow around the middle/bottom of the can.

Lastly...add some flowers or greenery for some fun flare!

EEEK!!! They turned out so much cuter then I thought! 
What do you think of these projects??

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  1. Jill, I LOVE both of these projects..simply gorgeous!

  2. these are both so cute :) btw, love jute too... did u see my lucky jar I posted Friday? hope you are out of the snow1

  3. Great ideas. My guy bought a roll of colored twine because it was on sale now I know what to do with it

    1. Something like those would be so cute with colored twine! Love it!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Jill you make the cutest stuff! Love the black and tan colors together and you know I love a great recycle project! Nice job and thank you for the tutorial!

  5. Hi, Jill, These are darling projects. I'd love to have you share these at What to do weekends Party, too!! I'm already following you. Best wishes, Linda

  6. I love these! So cute and creative. The Pringle can was a great idea. Thanks for sharing at Much Ado About Monday. :)



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