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Drab to Shab Thrifted Frame

A few months ago I went to our local thrift store to look around. I always have to check out there frames when I go. Usually I can find such good frames for so cheap. My new thing has been to spray paint these frames to fix them up. This is what I did for todays project. 

Here is the frame I bought at the thrift store:

Beauty isn't she?!? 
I picked this up for a whole .75 cents! 
I actually really love the style of this frame. It gives that old vintage feel.
 I just wasn't feeling the gold paint on it. 

I am still working on getting everything done for my gallery wall so
 I decided to use the frame for it. 

The colors in our room are black, cream, light blue and yellow.
 I decided to spray paint the frame yellow. 

This project was so simple to do.
What I did was take the back out of the frame and got to work with the spray paint. 
I put about 5 coats on it to make sure no gold showed through. 

I was going to go through and antique the little decals on the frame, but if you look closely the paint kind of did that itself so I chose to just leave it the way it was.

After it dried. I printed a picture of my two little monkeys and put in in the frame. 

Here it is all put together:

I Love what the Pop of Yellow Color did for this frame!
It goes perfect with the picture and even more perfect with our room!

I can't wait to get this gallery wall done and up!
I will post pictures when I do!

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  1. I can't wait to see your gallery wall either! I've always wanted to try one...but I'm too chicken! Love that yellow color and looks so much better!

  2. LOVE it Jill! What a fabulous color... it looks so great on such an ornate frame. Great upcycle!
    Krista @thehappyhousie

    1. Thank you so much Krista!! You are so sweet! Your kind words mean a lot!


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