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Pinterest Picks #34 {Kids Summer Activites}

Happy Friday!!

I missed you all last week! It was so nice to go on a little getaway with my hubby for our anniversary though! It was much needed. 

Today for Pinterst Picks I have another little special edition for you.
Since we are approaching summer and the kids are going to be getting out of school, 
I thought it would be fun to put together a little list of fun summer activities to do with the kiddos. 

Let's get to our
Edition of Pinterest Picks!

I thought this was the cutest idea. Its an Alphabet Scavenger Hunt! What a great way for some educational learning for the elementary and preschool age kids. I will be doing this one for sure!
Source: Boys Germs
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This is a great spin on the super fun side walk chalk! This is a recipe for sidewalk chalk paints!! How fun for the kiddos. I know my daughter would love this!
Pinned HERE

How fun does this homemade water gun look?!? I am sure lots of boys out there would love something like this! Looks like fun!
Source: Instructables
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These paints are so cool. It is make with condensed milk. It doesn't drip and it dries shiny! What a fun activity to do inside when its too hot outside and you don't want to do water fun.
Source: ECE Made Easy
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This is the best idea for those times when the kiddos want to play night games or are just staying up late on a summer night. How fun to do the glow stick necklaces for ring toss. I will be doing this for sure!
Source: Momma Did It
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Now this looks like a super fun activity for the kids. You could get a lot of the stuff you need at the dollar store so it would be super cheap to do. There are also lots of other ideas on the source site for other summer activities as well.
Source: Camp Mom!
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I love this idea! Water Pinatas!! What a great thing to do on a hot day!
Source: Design Dazzle
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If you live in UTAH there is always exploring new parks for the kids to play at. This one is in West Jordan. I have been there before, but it has been awhile. It is so fun. If you go to the source site there are also other fun things to do in Utah.
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This is a great idea as well! Have the kiddos pick from a different jar everyday to do something fun instead of just sitting around the house. There are free printables on their site too!
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There is always the cute and traditional lemonade stand. This one is adorable! This is a great way to teach the little bit older kids about hard work and earning money. Then they could spend some money on some ice cream or a summer toy!
Source: Cute as a Fox
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That's it for our 
Summer Activities for the Kiddos!!
Hope you found some ideas to do with your kids this summer!

Have a Fun Filled Weekend!

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