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Pinterest Picks #35 {Sewing Projects}


Welcome to this weeks Pinterest Picks! So happy you are here to join us! 

Recently my hubby bought me a sewing machine and a 
surger to use for my sewing projects. I have used them a little bit but not as much as I would like. 

I really want to start sewing more so today I have 
some projects for you that I really want to sew!

Let's get to our 
of Pinterest Picks!


I have fallen in LOVE with Maxi Skirts, as I am sure a lot of you have. After seeing the tutorial for these I think they would be easy to make myself. This would be a plus so I could get the colors I wanted!!
Pinned HERE

How adorable is this onsie turned dress?!? I am in love with the idea and I love the chevron pattern. So cute!! I like the idea of making my kiddos some clothes to wear!
Source: My Pins Blog
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Um, how cute are these striped pajama pants?!? I am in love!! 
I think the would look darling on a little boy! 
You would never guess, but these are made out of old mens polo shirts!! Wow! I need to make some of these for my little guy!
Pinned HERE

This leggins tutorial is going to be a learning must for me. If you have girls like me you know how fast they can go through these especially when they are a little older. You only use 2 piece of fabric for these and they look super easy to do. I think the hardest thing would be the elastic around the waist, but even that's not too hard. 
Pinned HERE

I remember seeing burp cloths like these years ago and had forgotten about them. I can't believe how easy these are to make. They would make for awesome and personalized baby shower gifts. I will be making some for our next baby!
Pinned HERE

I think it would be so fun to make cute blankets for my kiddos totally personalized to them! I know they would love them. This looks so easy to make as well which is an awesome thing to get me going!
Source: Greener Grass
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I am in need of making my own pillow covers for my bed right now. These look so easy to make and the best part is you can easily change out the covers when you get board with them!
Source: Delia Creates
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How fun would homemade curtains be to match your home perfectly?!? These look so amazingly easy to make. I will be doing this when I get into a home!
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I am in love with the table runner! I have never even thought to make my own, but guess what I will be doing now?? Yep...making one for my table! I love the polka dots and the ruffles at the end! So cute!
Pinned HERE

This is also I must for my sewing projects. These are camera straps. As I have come to find the strap really starts hurting your neck after awhile so having this cute and comfy strap cover on it would help a lot! 
Pinned HERE

Hope you enjoyed reading today and hope you found 
some sewing projects you can do as well!!

Have an Awesome Weekend!


  1. Jill, you found some awesome inspiration on Pinterst! LOVE the chevron girls cute!

  2. I'd love to see you sew! Sewers will come look at sewing projects every time. We even like to look at the horrible disasters. There's so much to learn from the Internet! Start with an elastic waistband skirt if you've never sewn a thing.


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