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Super Father's Day Banner

I know Father's Day was yesterday 
so I hope all the men out there 
and the ones in your life had a 

Today I am going to show you a banner I made for our Family's Father Day BBQ. 
I made this last minute so I apologize for putting it up a day late, 
{sometimes thats just how my life works!} 
but hopefully you can use the idea next year if you would like!

Here is the Father's Day Banner:

I LOVE how this one came together!!
 It was easy to make as well!

Here's What You Will Need:
-Circut or other Cutting Machine
-3 Colors of Paper {I did Red, Yellow and Blue}
-Glue Stick
-Foam Tape, Glue Stick or Double sided tape {depending on the look you want}
-Jute or Ribbon to hang them on
-Packing Tape

Here's How I Made It:
First I cut out the super man solid symbol on my cricut. I cut them out on blue and yellow paper with the yellow measuring smaller so the blue would boarder it. I also cut out Super Dad with red paper.

Next, I glued the yellow and blue symbols together with the glue stick.

Then I cut a bunch of foam tape to put the letters on with. I wanted to give it the 3D look. I then stuck the letters on the symbols.

Next I laid out the finished letters and symbols so I could measure how long I needed the jute to be. When I figured that out, I taped the symbols onto the jute using packing tape.

Lastly, I tied the Dad onto the Super rope so It would hang below it and this way it was still one banner and not two.

There you have it!!! Super Easy and Super Fun Father's Day Banner!!

Here are a couple of pictures of our Father's Day BBQ:

{These are my Cute Kids!}

{Yummy Food}

{I brought Dad's Root Beer as a special way to honor our Daddy's}

Hope you all had a Wonderful Father's Day!!

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  1. It was very cute! I wondered if you had maybe cute sign. very talented!

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog, and I love it! New follower here. :) Your Father's Day banner was so cute!


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