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Rustic Star Makeover with Paper

This past week we have been having lots of fun with end of summer events. We have been having parties with families, swimming, and going to the Zoo. So I apologize for not posting for a little bit! 

I have been working on getting more decor for my little Logan's room who is almost 10 months old! I found this rustic star and wanted to make it more personalized for his room. 

I first cut out a pattern to cut the paper with. 

Next, I painted it. I used a light blue called Robin's Egg. I forgot to take a picture of this step. Sorry!

While that was drying I cut the paper out. This was the hardest part for me. I had a few different papers that I wanted to use but in putting it together I ended up liking using only two different papers. You can definitely use more then that! 

After the star is dry, mod podge the paper on. I put a light coat on the star first to glue the paper down. Let that fully dry. Then I put a light coat over the paper. When that is fully dry, put another light coat on. While it was drying I did have small bubbles. They all left when it dried completely. I have learned not to mess with the bubbles unless they are really big ones which doesn't happen to often. 

When the mod podge is fully dry you can dress it up with some ribbons or other embellishments. 

Now you have a fun new personalized look to the star

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  1. I love that star! Everything you are doing is great!

  2. Hi! I do remember you! It's Jill, right? That is sooo funny that you saw Jesse on my blog and put two and two together. That is just crazy actually! A few weeks ago, I found an old college roommate from someone's blog too. What a small world! Your blog is the cutest! You have done some really cool things! Keep up all the good work! I'll tell Jesse that I "ran into you!"

    ps- if you ever want to link up any projects, i have a link party on fridays. its called once upon a weekend. you never know, you might get featured! :)

  3. Turned out really nice. Love it.

  4. Aw, that turned out great! I love switching things up, so this is perfect for me! Thanks for sharing this @ Show & Share!

  5. So cute! This is one of the best stars I've seen redone. I would love to have you share your talents at my VIP today =)
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!! XO

  6. Very cute idea. I never would have thought of this...excellent!


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