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Tissue Paper Flower Tutorial

I bought a candle lantern holder to put into our room, the only thing is I didn't want to put a candle in it. I wanted to do something fun inside it. I have always loved these tissue paper flowers
I decided to make some on a smaller scale to put inside the lantern. 

Heres what you need:
*4-6 sheets of tissue paper per flower (If you want bigger flowers you will want to use 8-11 sheets)
*tape measurer
*metal wire

Step 1:
Cut out the tissue paper to the size you want. I did 2 different sizes. One I did 4"x13" and the other I did 5"x13" If you are doing big ones I would recommend around 17"x30"

Step 2:
Fold all the sheets together accordion style all the way down. 

Step 3:
Fold the metal wire in half and slip it in the middle of the tissue paper. Twist the ends together so it is secure. 

Step 4:
Rounded Version (which is only cut on one side, sorry!)

Pointed Version

Cut the ends of the tissue paper either rounded or pointed. I cut most of mine pointed. I just liked that look better.

Step 5:
Fan out the paper on each side of the wire.

Step 6:
Separate the tissue paper one layer at a time. This step takes the longest because you are forming the flower and there are a lot of layers to separate. 

End Result:

A Super Cute Tissue Paper Flower!!

Here is the lantern that I put them in. 
It turned out perfect! I love it!!

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  1. I made some of these awhile back but mine where HUGE and a real pain to store. I like the smaller ones and love the colors that you used. You might have inspired me to make some for Fall!!


  2. These are so cute! I love the look of the tissue poms!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway, Good luck!

  3. Hey Jill! YOu're being featured at my blog today! I love these tissue paper flowers, and have always wanted to make some. Thanks for the tutorial! I like how you scaled them down. Stop by and grab a featured button!

  4. Great tutorial! I remembering making these in Girl Scouts for my mom! Brings back awesome memories..thanks! Have a great weekend!



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