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Time off & Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

I am so sorry to my lovely readers for not posting for a few days. My husband is going to school at the University of Utah and they had Fall Break this week. So he didn't have school and he was able to take Thursday-Sunday off of work so we could spend some time together as a family. That's why I haven't been blogging the last few days! 

We had a fabulous time together. It was nice to see him again for a couple of days. He works graveyards at the University of Utah Hospital and with going to school and having to sleep during the day we haven't gotten to see him much this semester. Saturday we took the kids to Hogle Zoo. They loved looking at the animals. Here are a couple of pictures from that...
Our little family! My 3 year old didn't want a picture so she wan't behaving very well!!

Logan looking at the Giraffes! (Our only little stroller we have is from Kaitlyn and yes it has butterflies on it!)
Kaitlyn looking at the Camels!

After the Zoo we went home and ordered pasta from Domino's Pizza. We have never tried it before and it was actually very tasty!! 

***Enough about my family time...Now onto the Candy Corn Sugar Cookies***
These are so easy to make and are so cute for this time of year!

To start off you will need to make your favorite Sugar Cookie Recipe. If you don't have one you can find a really yummy one HERE that I used to make these.

After you get that all made you will divide the dough into thirds. One of them you will not do anything with. The other two you will color with yellow food coloring and the other one with orange food coloring. If you are like me I didn't have orange so I used red and yellow. I honestly can't remember how many drops I put it. I know I did a lot (like around 10). For the orange I put a few more of the yellow then red in. 

Next, you will put a piece of wax paper in a loaf pan and then layer all 3 portions in it. Starting with yellow then orange then the regular colored dough. My Mom's clear pan broke and all she had was a white one so I don't have a picture of that.

Then you will put this in the refrigerator for a few minutes so it will form together. 

Then you will pull it out with the wax paper you put it on. 
Then going the long ways you will cut off a strip of the dough like so...
Next, you will cut triangles or wedges whatever you would like to call them out of that strip of dough.
This next step is optional but to glamor then up a little bit more I added some yellow sprinkles to them.
 Last but not least you will bake then according to the recipe you are using!! 

That's it!!! Super easy and so yummy! Oh and Cute I might add!!

**I do have ONE CONFESSION to make. These cookies turned out very small! It actually worked perfect for me though because I like plain sugar cookies but I get sick of them fast so it was the right amount for me. My family also liked that they were small. If you want BIGGER cookies I would definitely double the recipe when making the Sugar Cookie Dough!!

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