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Pinning it on Pinterest #7

Happy Happy Friday Everyone!!!
  I hope you have all had a wonderful week. I sure did!! I love weeks like this with having a holiday on Monday. It makes the week go by so much faster! And it was fun having my hubby home from school:) 

Thank you, Thank you to everyone who linked up to my very first Link Party yesterday!! I appreciate you all so much! It is still open for anyone who hasn't linked up yet!! Click HERE if you would like to link up your crafts!! I would love to have you!

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Now, Let's get to this weeks Pinterest Loves!!!

The first few are super fun things for kids!!! 
This is seriously the cutest idea!! I am so doing this with my little 3 year old! They just put food coloring and water in a bottle so the kids can paint. What a fun way to have fun in the snow!
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I am in love with this idea! What a good way to reinforce the good behavior in kids! I am going to start doing this with my 3 year old and when my son gets a little older I am going to add him to the list too. 
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This is seriously the cutest dress!! I love the design and the colors. And the crazy thing is...its made out of a pillowcase! Love, Love, Love it!!! 
Source: Unknown
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My little girl would die for these boots!! She absolutely LOVES anything pink! I love them too. I love the bows on the backside. Definitely girly!!
Source: Kidlantis
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This is such a cute idea! Your spouse and you both sit down one night and make a hint box. Inside the box you put little papers with things that you want. Like a walk around the block, your favorite treat...mine being peanut butter m&m's, or a night out on the town. Then whenever you want to do something nice for you spouse you "Take A Hint" from their box!! I love it because its something different the doing the "same" nice things for each other over and over!!
Source: The Dating Divas
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This totally made me laugh!!! I definitely feel like this somedays from my kids! I am glad I am not the only one:)
Source: Shoebox Blog
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How cute is this clothespin wreath?!? It is so simple but looks so cute putting all the different papers/paints together! I think I need to do something like this for the summer!
Source: Superfluous
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Can you say YUM!! Doesn't that look so delicious?? My mouth is watering just looking at it. I am totally making these soon!!
Source: 3 B's...Baseball, Baking & Books
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These look AMAZING!!! They are Apple Nachos. YUM! I am definitely going to be making these. What a fun way to eat Apples.
Source: Gimme Some Oven
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How cute is this outfit! I love the colors, the accessories and the super fun jacket!! It looks so comfy for this winter season!
Source: Polyvore
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I hope you had fun reading this weeks pinterst loves!! And I hope you have an amazing weekend!! I know I will. I am going to my sisters house to spend the night with my family and her's! I am so excited to just get away for a couple of days and have fun with family!


  1. I love pinterest and I love your blog posts! Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas!

    I featured you today on my Friendly Friday Tribute! Check it out

    Have a great weekend!

    Sarah @

  2. great pins! that dress is super cute Jill! hope you have a fun weekend!


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