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Homemade Flower Box

I hope you had a fun filled weekend. I had an awesome weekend. I became an Aunt again for the 16th time!!! My sister that I told you about in this POST had her baby boy!! He is so Precious! I am so happy for my sister and brother in law! I love them so much!
Here is a picture of me and my new nephew:

Now onto today's craft....

My sweet hubby gave me a late birthday present a few weeks ago. He got me my very own mini power drill!!! I have never really used one in my life let alone built anything using one. I definitely needed some coaching from him on how to use it. He went and grabbed some scrap wood in the garage and told me that I was going to build a box. I thought he was crazy, but it seemed easy enough and I really needed to learn what to do. It might seem simple to use one, but there really is a trick to using it!! Here are a couple of pictures of that night:

***Please do not mind me...I am in my comfy clothes and don't look very pretty!!!***
Oh and please don't mind my CHEESY grin...I am just really excited!! Here's me with my new mini power drill.

Hard at work!!

All finished!

My husband was just going to put this back in the garage once I got enough practice putting screws in, but I just couldn't let that happen. This was the first thing I had made using my new power tool and I wanted to display it proudly!!!! So I got thinking and decided it would be the perfect flower box!

Since it was scrap wood I really needed to paint it all one color so I got the spray paint out and got painting. I painted the whole thing white so it would match!!

I didn't want to leave it stark white. I wanted it to look old and warn. Kind of vintage looking! So I sanded down the edges and stained the whole thing Early American color.
(This is just the picture of the sanded edges)

When the stained dried I put styrofoam inside and added cream flowers with some leaves. 

Here is what it looks like:

It's home is on my parents living room table:

I am so glad I decided I needed to display my hard work of building the box!!! I LOVE the way it turned out!! Perfect!!!

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  1. Found you on the Mommy Blog Hop. 16 nieces and nephews, wow, they must keep you busy with year-round birthdays.

  2. This looks really great! I love the mini drill.

  3. Great job Jill I love how it turned out and your photo blocks are too cute. I want to make some now:)

  4. The box turned out great, love the not-so-new look! Congrats Auntie!

  5. Too cute! I'm going to have to show my husband his next job for me.

  6. Love this! And I love that you made it yourself. Woohoo!!

  7. Love this! I am wondering if you can give me the dimensions of the project and also maybe what size of wood you used. (I was guessing 1x4) You said you used something called american color. Is that a varnish or stain or paint color? Thanks so much for your help!


I appreciate every single comment!! I promise to respond to any questions you may have! Thanks for stopping by!

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