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{Making Memories} Photo Blocks

A few months ago I was with my mother-in-law doing some crafts with a bunch of ladies. She did something similar to this and ever since then I have wanted to make my own. They are cute blocks with family pictures on them.

They are so easy to make!
Here is what you need:

-2"x2" or 3"x3" blocks (I did mine 3"x3" so I would have more space for pictures)
-A bunch of family pictures
-11" x5"x1 1/2" Wood Board
-A brush
-Mod Podge
-Sand paper
-Vinyl lettering

How to make them:

First off, I stained all my wood. I wanted it a dark color so I used Dark Walnut. Depending on how many people are in your family is going to depend on how many blocks you will want. I decided to think ahead and did 6, but I only used 5. That way I am ready to add when the next one comes along...and NO I am not announcing anything:)

When that dried I cut down my pictures to fit my blocks. I put a picture on each side of the block.

Next, I mod podged the pictures to the block. I didn't put a coat on top yet, I just glued them to the block. I waited for about 15 minutes for that to dry.

Then I took sand paper and sanded the edges of the pictures. It roughens them up and scratches them a little bit so they look old! It looks so cute.
Here you can see just one side done on this picture. I think it just finishes it off!

After I got each picture on the block sanded, I had to put a little mod podge on the back of some pictures again. With sanding them, some of them came loose on the corners and edges. Then I put a thin coat of the mod podge over the top of the pictures.

Next, I cut out the words, "Making Memories" in tan vinyl on my cricut. I used the font Pea Sarah found HERE. I put that on the thin side of the wood board. 

Next, I put a coat of polycrylic over the whole board. This protects and shines it up. It is similar to mod podge. It goes on white, but dries clear. You can put mod podge over the whole thing if you prefer. 

When that dries, stack your blocks on the board!! If you want to, you could tie a ribbon around the whole thing to give a finishing touch.

The fun part is, now your can turn the blocks to have different pictures showing in the front! You will never be bored of having the same pictures out!!
I just love having some fun family pictures up. We truly are Making Memories with these blocks!!!

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  1. These are so cute - practical too, as they could by left for kids to play with just sand the corners!

  2. Love, love, this project! I think it's a great way to preserve your photos and to share them! I would love to have you share your project(s) at my party going on now!

  3. This is adorable!
    I’d love if you would come link this up at From Scratch Friday!


  4. Your so crafty! Maybe I missed it.. but where did you get your blocks? I would like to attempt this project! :)

  5. Adorable!! Love this idea...I am already starting to think about Mother's Day gifts and this is perfect!


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