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Pinning it on Pinterest #23

Happy Happy Friday!!

I missed you last week for Pinning it on Pinterest!! I am sorry I skipped a week, but it was so nice to be on vacation with my little family!! We had such a blast on our VERY FIRST family vacation with just my hubby and kids! It was much needed. My hubby and I went to a bed and breakfast called Castle Creek Inn for a few days and then we picked up the kids and headed down to Moab for the Land Rover Trek for a few days!! If you are interested in seeing pictures...go HERE

Now back to this weeks Pinning it on Pinterest! I am so excited to show you what I have found! There are some pretty cool things!!

Here are this weeks LOVES:
This is a super cute idea....take lace and put in on transparent tape. Then you have a cute embellishment for gift wrapping. Love!
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I hope I am not the only one that has struggled with this...trying to measure the distance between the hooks and get that just right on the wall. It never works out right for me. Why in the world did I not think of this before?!? Hello, super genius idea right here!! What an easy way to get it just right!
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This is such a cute idea that they did with these book marks. The middle of the flower are kids drawings! They just cut the circle out from a drawing and made a book mark! What a fun way to keep the kids art around a little longer! 
Source: Moon Mum
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I so want that bed skirt! Isn't it so cute?!? I just LOVE the ruffles. She gives you a tutorial on how to make it. It looks pretty easy! The crazy thing is...the ruffles are done with RIBBON!! I just might be giving my bed a little makeover! Wink, Wink!!
Source: Burlap and Denim 
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I just LOVE the color of this dresser!!! If you haven't figured it out by favorite color is yellow! I am accenting my room with yellow, which I have been working on for awhile now. I would love to do this with my dresser. Only if the hubs would go for it...I am not sure about that. It is so cute though!!
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I Love this room! Pretty much everything about it....the colors, the poppy flowers on the wall, the striped rug. Oh it is just perfect!! 
Source: HGTV
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Oh, how I just LOVE this saying. I need this hung up in my room! I need a reminder of this very thing every now and again. There have been times that I get down about my life, but I just need to remember this....that everything does not have to be perfect to be wonderful! My life now can and IS WONDERFUL!! I have an amazing hubby and awesome kids that I love so much and that is wonderful!!
Source: My Little Piece of that Azure Sky (couldn't find original post)
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I love this little gift to give someone. It is so simple, but is so cute and means so much!! And its yummy for the person receiving it!!
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I love this idea to give to teacher at the end of the school year! What a cute way to say "Thank You!" I will be doing this for my little girls preschool teacher this year!
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Are these not the Cutest cards you have ever seen for a teacher?!? I just Love them!! So creative. What a fun way to write your thank you's down! LOVE IT!
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That's it for this weeks Pinning it on Pinterest!! Hope you enjoyed reading!
Have a Spectacular Weekend!

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