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Birthday Round Up #2 & Giveaway

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Now onto todays Birthday Round Up....
Since we are in the midst of the Blog Brithday Bash I wanted to continue with our Birthday Traditions/Favorite Party from some more Amazing Bloggers. 

If you missed the first Round Up, go HERE to see it.

First up today we have Mary Beth from
Cupcakes and Crinoline.

Birthday Board 

Since my boys were little I liked to do Birthday Boards for them.  The boards varied but usually consisted of a large whiteboard that I would have all the guests sign and put a personal message on at some point during the party.  As they have gotten older I have switched to a Birthday Board frame with a simple birthday sign and then personal little items for each of my son's for their day.  This picture shows a photo of a whiteboard that was done for my middle son's 2nd birthday.  I like to include other pictures, etc. from the past year and then take a picture of the birthday guy in front of the frame.  

**What a cute idea this board is!! I love the balloons that are attached as well! Very Fun!!!
Thanks so much Mary Beth for sharing your fun birthday tradition with us!

Now we will have Tiffany from
Don't Waste the Crumbs:
Bio: Tiffany is an in-house day care teacher, private chef, housekeeper, laundry service, chauffeur and dedicated CEO to making sure her house runs smoothly. She aims to be a good steward of all He has given her, so she strives to do more {and do it better} with less. She's making baby-sized strides and would be honored if you joined her for the ride!

3rd Birthday Princess Cake 
My little princess turned 3 last week and I knew - long before she did - that she would want a princess birthday cake. The fact that she calls every doll a princess, and calls every dress she owns a "princess dress" was a dead giveaway! She's seen what they look like in the grocery store catalogs (stinker was peeking over my shoulder when I was trying to get ideas), but we try to avoid store-bought whenever possible (both for cost and nutrition) so I knew that I was going to be making the cake myself. This was fine with me because cooking and baking are two of my gifts. Decorating, however, is not. There is not one ounce of decorating skill in my body, and this includes both house and cakes. I was in for a challenge.

A million google images and hours on Pinterest later I came up with a simple design - a princess (made of a rice krispy treat) on a pedestal (made of cake) with three princess on the base, each holding a candle. I already had everything for the cake on hand.
 • A coffee mug as the mold for the princess skirt.
 • A circle cut from an empty graham cracker box for the skirt's base.
 • A 9x13 glass pan for the cake, with approximately 1/3 cut off for the second layer pedestal.
 • Three straws, trimmed, to help support the princess on top of the second layer.
• Three candles.
 • One batch of strawberry cake (because it's pink).
• One batch of lemon cream cheese butter cream icing (because I thought it would taste good with the cake).
• One blue princess from her existing toys.
 • Three new princesses (given to us by a friend). 
 As you can see, this is not some grandiose masterpiece that one would offer as a sample of their decorating skills. But despite my lack of talent in cake-decorating, it was grand in the eyes of my little princess. She loved the big blue princess and wanted to eat her skirt more than the cake itself. She was excited to see three more princesses on her cake and to be able to add them to her collection. She thought it was even greater that Mommy made the cake. And everyone knows that Mommy's cakes taste better anyway, because they're made with love!

**That is such a darling cake!! I think she did an awesome job decorating it! I love the creativity in making the big blue princess. So cute!! Thanks so much Tiffany for sharing your amazing cake with us!

Next we have Marilyn from
4 You With Love.

Birthdays are magical times, don't you agree?  That's why I'm so pumped that Jill invited me to be a part of her birthday celebration!  I'm Marilyn and my blog is 4 You With Love.  My blog has all sorts of ways you can show those in your life how much they mean to you:  crafts, recipes, DIY projects and much more.

Anyway, my mom is awesome. Holidays were her thing and she would always find the most amazing, yet cheesy, way to always felt so special (although you would groan first and then grin second!)  Anyway, today I'd like to share one of my favorite birthday memories, created by my mom, of course.  

It was my freshman year at Ohio State University and I was living in the dorm, Morrill Tower. My birthday was the next day and I was thinking, "it's my first birthday away from home, will anyone remember tomorrow's my 19th birthday?"  Well, people did.  Roommates gave me presents and we all went out to celebrate...but that's not the memorable part.  It was when I went down to get my mail and there was a slip letting me know that I had ....


I LOVE getting packages in the mail....but this one blew me away.  I swear the dimension were 36"x24"x24"!  HUGE.  I called my roommates and they came down to help me get it back to our room.  You'll never guess what was inside?

A decorated birthday cake!

birthday hats

birthday plates  & napkins

a birthday present

 $5 for ice cream.

and it was all packed in popcorn!  My mom had sent me a birthday party in a box!  She really made my day!

This idea was so special to me that I have since sent many birthday parties in boxes to good friends and family members.  You know what?  They have been just as excited by my boxes as I as by my mom's.  It truly is the thought that counts!

Happy Birthday, Jill!  Thanks for letting me be a part of your celebration!

What a fun idea to send a birthday party in a box to someone! So creative! Thanks for sharing this fun birthday tradition!!

Marilyn is also being so generous today because 
She is giving away a 
$15.00 Gift Card to Hobby Lobby!!

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You will have until August 3rd at Midnight to enter for the gift card!!

Thank you so much Ladies for helping make our birthday bash so much fun! 
You are awesome!!


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