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DYI {Trick or Treat} Candy Jars

This year I wanted to make some goodie jars for a Halloween Decor. Since candy is a big part of Halloween, right?!? I wanted them to be simple, but cute. I headed to our local Dollar Store to see if they had anything I could make them out of. Sure enough they did!!

Here is what I got to make them:
-3 Glass Jars {2 of the same and 1 different}
-2 Glass Candle Stick Holders

First, I spray painted the candle stick holders black.
{Tutorial coming soon on how to spray paint glass!}

Next, I took the 2 wider lip jars and glued them to the candle stick holders using E-6000. I am seriously in LOVE with this glue!!
I let those dry for a few hours. 

While they were drying I got on my cricut and designed the words
 "Trick Or Treat" in black vinyl to put on the jars. 

Next, I transfered those over to each jar.

Lastly...I filled them with CANDY!!!

EEEK!!! I am so excited about how they turned out! 
I am pretty sure that everyone in the family loves them too..wink wink!!!

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  1. VERY cute! Love that it's all from the Dollar Store too :o)

  2. Jill, these are AWESOME!!! I need to get one of those vinyl cutters! :)

  3. Jill, those are very cute! Did you have to use any special kind of spray paint on the glass?

  4. We're featuring you today at Keep Calm & Link Up! Come on over and grab a featured button :o)


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